Feel Good, See Better

Your eyes function best when they are relaxed. Any mental strain tends to reduce your vision. The opposite is also true: anything that relaxes your eyes calms and clears your mind, so that your thoughts are more useful and effective. And when eyes and mind are at ease, you feel good. In other words, you are happy!

An American Eye Doctor, William Bates, discovered this secret, and millions have benefited from it over the years. Through decades of research he proved that most visual defects are caused or made worse by nervous tension and wrong habits of seeing. This includes near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma and cataract. He devised simple techniques for relaxing the eyes and the mind, and the result is increased visual and mental clarity.

In our hectic modern age we tend to lose touch with ourselves. Our eyes and ears are glued to hyperactive artificial environment. They get overloaded with irrelevant or disturbing stimuli. This often leads to confused thinking, illness and faulty vision.

One of the simplest yet most effective techniques for calming the eyes and the mind is called ‘palming’. You use the palms of your hands to cover your closed eyes (without touching them). Normally you would palm for several minutes and up to one hour, by resting your elbows on a table, a firm pillow on your knees. The more you know let your eyes relax, the more black you will see. Any images of colors, stars, waves, etc. are symptoms of underlying (unconscious) strain. If you find palming enjoyable and do it daily for some weeks, you are bound to benefit in many ways. Some people have even done it all day, with spectacular results.

Opticians reject all such exercises, for obvious reasons. Clever advertisements of the multi billion dollar optical industry try to convince us that we look smarter with glasses. But the sad fact is that all glasses and lenses weaken your eyes. As soon as you start wearing them, your eyes no longer try to function normally, and the faulty vision becomes permanent. Even modern eye surgery only corrects the symptoms, and long-term problems may develop later.

Glasses may be unavoidable while driving a car, of course, and for certain other activities. But your eyes benefit if you take your glasses or lenses whenever off possible. They are a necessary evil at best, and you can do much to improve your vision and your well-being. You can find out more at www.seeingwithoutglasses.com