Feel confident and clear about what you want.

Have you noticed that when you are clear and concise about what you want you feel more confident? You especially feel confident in knowing you will get it. Half the battle of feeling confident is knowing what you want and being clear about getting it. Self-doubt comes from being unclear, confused, and fearful about the future and what we want you want in your life.

Now is the time to start to think about what you want for 2008. Think about goals you want to set and achieve. You may want the perfect job, partner, or home. We are all starting to fantasize about what we want and what our ideal situation for the New Year would be. You have been thinking about how happy you would be if you had achieved x,y,z.

It is important to be SPECIFIC about what you want for the next year. I find frequently that people are unclear about what exactly they want which contributes to their struggle with being happy and fulfilled in their life. Being clear about what you want and what it would look like once you have it is key to manifesting.

Another thing many people miss is describing what they will offer or give in return for what they achieve and receive. You do not just want to focus on what you will get, you also need to be clear about what you will do and give in return for what you receive. Take time in the next week to think about what things you would like to have or achieve in 2008 that would make it a great year for you. Once you have specific goals breakdown what each one would need to have to make you happy and fulfilled.

Here is a great exercise for you to get started: Get a piece of paper and divide it 3 columns. In column one write must be, column 2 write willing to work with, and in column 3 write bonus. Then go through each column and write in detail what each one needs in order for you to feel happy and fulfilled. If you are focusing on an ideal job, maybe it must be close to home but you are willing to work one night a week, bonus would be that you could work from home occasionally. Really think through this and be clear and list as much as you can. Then take another piece of paper and write what you would contribute. What qualities, skills, and ways of being will you bring to the situation?

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