Feedings and Feelings

The greatest responsibility any parent can have is caring for a newborn baby; this is especially so for a mother. Breastfeeding is something only a mother can do and as every mother who nurses her child will tell you, breastfeeding is so much more than feeding your child.

Parenting is about nurturing and protecting your children. You began nurturing and protecting your baby moments after it was born when it latched on to your breast and began drinking your colostrum. When you breastfeed your child you give it the best possible start in life. During the time you spend breastfeeding your child, you’ll probably feel a little anxious about whether it is greeting enough milk, or is getting enough nutrients from your milk. Worrying about your child’s diet is something that will never go away. Even when your children eventually grow up and leave home, you’ll be worrying about what they’re eating!

The physical benefits that you give to your child when you breastfeed are well known and documented. But what isn’t always discussed are the emotional feelings associated with breastfeeding. Seeing their baby grow and flourish and knowing that it is their body that is responsible for its physical development, generates a sense of pride and achievement for many women. Indeed, breastfeeding is a continuation of the physical nourishment you provided through out your pregnancy.

Some mothers do experience problems when they first try to breastfeed their baby. However, this is usually overcome when they have mastered latching on their baby. In fact, once they are nursing they are often surprised by how easy it is. Breastfeeding a child, especially at night, is a lot less stressful than bottle feeding. Breastfeeding can also be incredible relaxing for both mother and child. A baby will usually fall asleep after feeding, satiated and content, as will many mothers.

Breastfeeding isn¬ít just about food; it’s about comfort, for both mother and child. Nursing your child for comfort can be a wonderful, peaceful time for you both. No other activity an adult can do with a child is as peaceful. Breastfeeding will fill you will many positive, life long feelings towards your baby and life in general. As you breastfeed, you and your child will look into each others eyes and sometimes it will be as though you are both acknowledging the special bond and emotional feeling that exist between the two of you.