Feed Your Brain the Right Foods

Want to increase your brain power? Maybe if you feed your brain the right foods, you can.

We all would like to think clearer without the confusion. Imagine how productive and creative you can be if you could think sharper.

Are you moody or depressed? Does your spirit need a boost? Many things that enhance brain function will also increase your spirit and improve your mood.

Besides physical and mental exercise, the foods we eat are an important factor for brain health. The following tips may help to improve your thinking and mood.

Studies do indicate that the diet has a role on our IQ. Your brain’s health not only depends on how much you eat but what you eat. This goes for fat as well. There are good and bad fats. Some of the better fats include olive oil and fish oil that contains omega fatty acids.

Some foods that contain choline such as eggs may improve alertness, memory, stress and fatigue.

Raw nuts and seeds supply essential fatty acids. Walnuts especially are loaded with these healthy oils; others include pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

Seaweed and fish are great for their omega 3 content, but you will have to watch out for their mercury content. Be sure you know your supplier.

If you eat meat then go for the free-range and organic variety. Nature does know best and the more natural the better. There’s no sense in consuming added hormones, pesticides and unhealthy fats.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits as they are very nutritious for you. Even if you eat healthy you may not be getting all the nutrition you need. If that’s the case then a supplement may help.

The B vitamins are very important for top mental function as well as lycopene found in tomatoes, vitamin-K in broccoli and antioxidants in blueberries.

If you are overweight then this can also lower your IQ. This makes sense. If your body is not fit then why would your brain be?

There are things you can do to develop your brain. Exercise is very important as well as how you feed your brain. You may want to join a club, start a hobby or do something that challenges your brain. Yes, your mind also needs to exercise to keep it fit.

So think a little more before you pop those chips in your mouth, grab a donut for breakfast or super size those fries. Pop, excess sugar and refined foods are “dummy makers” Stop eating dumb and eat smart.

What exactly are you feeding your brain?