Features in the 2014 Volvo Lineup

With the year 2013 coming to a close, 2014 Volvo models are expected in Volvo dealerships very soon. These new models are designed to give you “the best of both worlds,” as widely stated in their advertisement. They feature many improvements over the older models. One improvement is the seats; they have been made sleeker and roomier than ever. The grille has also been widened so that together with the lights, the front forms a “face” intended to greet the person approaching it.

The safety features have been vastly improved too. Sensors are present in the vehicle to detect pedestrians and other obstacles and bring it to a stop if such things suddenly move into its path or if it attains speeds in excess of 31 mph. Other protective features include:
Anti-submarining protection: Keeps passengers from sliding out from under the seatbelt in case of an enormous collision
Airbags for the driver and the front passenger
Side impact protection system (SIPS): The steel forming the sides has been made stronger to withstand impacts on that part of the car
Energy-absorbing frontal structure: Reduces the amount of harm to those in front by dispersing the energy from crashes rearwards
Inflatable curtain (IC): This protects the heads of the side passengers, both in front and in back, in case of a side-on or “frontal offset” collision. (Frontal offset crash tests are one performed on new vehicles. The car is lined up with a rigid barrier in such a way that 40 percent of it strikes the latter)
Rounded front to protect the car against “unprotected road users.” This serves the same purpose as headlights that are integrated “flush with the body” and an energy-absorbing hood that serves as a “crumple zone”
City Safety™ system that remains active whenever the car is driving over two miles per hour and includes brakes that apply automatically in case they have not been applied in time, but which always gives top priority to the driver’s actions

NOTE: Not all of these features are included in every model. Some are part of the standard model, while others are included in trims or packages.

Every car nowadays has its entertainment system, and the Volvo is no exception. The V60 is also environmentally sound: The exterior is made from 85 percent recyclable material, the colors are made from non-toxic substances and the engine is made to use a minimum of fuel. All the materials used to construct the interior have been tested for allergens.

On Volvo’s website visitors can even have their own vehicles custom made. The customer has a choice of two X makes and three XC makes. He or she selects the model, the trim, packages, options and accessories, exterior color, wheels, upholstery, inlay, steering wheel and gearshift knob. This is not yet available for the V60 since it has not come out yet. The buyer can also find about dealership locations in their area.

There are a total of four packages available on Volvo models: Blind Spot Information System, Climate, Sport and Technology, each of which has its own combination of parts. The Climate Package, for instance, includes heated seats, steering wheel, windshield washer nozzles and front windshield, plus an Interior Air Quality System.

With new features paired with old philosophies, Volvo continues to make quality vehicles appealing to all ages. And so the 60-year saga of the Volvo continues.