Fear Of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking: The Secret is in the Experiences

Exposure- that’s all there is to it. Unless you become accustomed to the atmosphere of the public that you are to address, you will never get the confidence you need.

Most say that it is not the act of speaking in front of a crowd that gives the nerves, it is the knowledge that you are not perfectly capable of addressing them. This may be true yet this may also be self-assumed. But the thing is once you focus on believing on things that would work against you, you will start feeling the shakes accompanied by trembling and the hoarseness of the voice.

You will then experience a gradual over-sensitivity to certain things like the eyes focusing on you, or not being able to memorize your piece by heart or not looking good enough. All these could bother you and make you a lot more fearful of the acts you are doing.

That’s why, like with everything, you should have enough practice. This way, you will be able to apply the theories and test if they truly work for you. Additionally, you would also learn to continuously adapt yourself towards the experiences that accompany public speaking.

One advisable way of conquering your fear of public speaking is to really dip yourself into the fear and know from its effects. This may sound funny but you see, unless you get into the whole spectrum of the experience, you would never learn that even the most minuscule component are all contributors to your personal enrichment. So go, feel the fear, consider hesitation but deliver your piece anyway.

While you may not be very good during your first trial, you would understand that you would develop from doing so later. Going into those experiences would help you learn that being fearful doesn’t kill you, then you will be better the next time you do it. After experiencing all the failures of being so fearful with public speaking, you will realize that you really have improved.

Probably one of the many reasons why too many people are fearful of public speaking is that they have unrealistic expectations of themselves. It is either that they think of themselves as excellent public speakers or that they don’t feel any degree of goodness for themselves. It is much like being afraid to drive a car without prior training or instruction. If you try to drive it, it’ll be safe bet that you’ll get an accident of some sort.

But at least, once you fail in public speaking for the first time, your failure would not cause you your life or somebody else’s’ life. After all, each failure (or success for that matter) is a learning experience. Unless you accept it this way, you would never appreciate the true value of each incident you have gone through.

Failure, when we view it during our toddler years, is like stumbling and stuttering on our first steps. You cannot expect that the toddler could walk straight right away. There is a certain process that everybody must go through. Everyone starts as a beginner and there is no short way in dealing with things. Remember that mushrooms grow overnight and they die overnight but oak trees have the patience of growing for decades and endure long years. So, go ahead now and let yourself be eaten by your fears and conquer them after they swallow you.

Source: https://positivearticles.com