Fear of Failure

Every time you look in the mirror remember the person you see was born to win and you deserve to win.

Most of us never really reveal ourselves to others for various reasons. I would go so far as to say that you have not revealed the real you to yourself.

Think about what is it that’s keeping you from going after your dreams! It can be scary to look within and admit how vulnerable and weak we really are in certain areas of our lives.

Once upon a time I despised the person I saw in the mirror. The only way you will ever be free to live the life you dream of is to face your fears.

Let’s identify some of the most common fears you will face Fear of rejection. Fear of making decisions. Fear of change. A poor self image can literally prevent you from achieving
and even attempting goals that could make your life a
victory filled mind-blowing adventure.

Fear of confrontation. Fear of loss. Fear of failure. And the big one – fear of success. Fear of success is usually more suppressed than the fear of failure,

Envy, resentment or jealousy regarding people you consider more successful than you may be indicators of fear of success. We are bombarded with negative stories and images on a daily
basis. These negative messages can cause you to abandon
your dreams and give up…

Fear can paralyze and prevent you from taking steps toward your greatness. You must break away from fearful thoughts and actions.

During my drug addiction years I lived in constant fear. Fear of my family finding out, fear of going to jail and the fear of dying just to name a few.

You cannot deny your fears or hope they will go away. This will only add fuel to the fire that can suddenly explode beyond your control.

I knew that if it was to be it would be up to
me to change my life. You see I would not confront my crack cocaine addiction. My hope was that my addiction would magically disappear and no one would be the wiser. That didn’t happen, what actually happened was it erupted beyond my control.

My family, friends and enemies became aware of my weakness because I would not look in the mirror and face my fears. Much like fires, fears are easiest to suffocate when they are small.