Fear In Overcome Performing Public Speaking Spotlight

The Fear of Public Speaking: Overcoming the Fear

Fear – the one thing that keeps us all from doing what we want to do, what we are supposed to do and what we are expected to do.

There are so many kinds of fears yet one of the top rating is the fear of public speaking. You heard it right! People are not as afraid of heights or spiders as they do with speaking in front of a crowd. This is significantly obvious with the fact that students, even in the classroom setting, still refuse to say what is in their mind unless they are someone who just can’t keep themselves from talking or someone who are confident enough to speak whether or not someone would listen.

But like all other fears, there are also ways of overcoming the fear of performing in the spotlight, especially when it concerns the need to address a crowd.

Many would tell you that to conquer fear you will have to face it. True enough! One can never confront a problem if he hasn’t experienced the sensations that go with it. How would you create a cure if you do not know the diagnosis yet anyway?

Analyze this- most of us would like the fame and the fortune of movie start yet too few would really go up the stage and face the limelight. Why? Because of the fear of public humiliation. This is the same with the fear of public speaking.

No one would ever wish humiliation to come to them, especially so when it comes from a great number of faces. No one wants to let others know how vulnerable they are towards scrutiny. And no one would ever want to face the fact that they would subject themselves towards the interest of the public, both towards good intention or bad. These, among with other fears, contribute to a greater sense of fear that unnecessarily affect us all.

What really is in there that makes us all fearful of speaking publicly. Perhaps, it still boils down to this-the problem on lack of self confidence.

The problem though is that we were not designed to shy away from a crowd. In fact, we all had the equal chance of showing up to the crowd and face them with a great sense of just being ourselves. But then, it seems so natural that people have the cumulative fear of performing in the spotlight.

There is no real trick that could provide the ultimate solution but to believe in oneself, in one’s abilities and the capacity of doing something that everybody is capable of yet refuses to do. This seems pretty strange right? It’s like turning away from a birthright that is yours yet you continually convince yourself (and thereby confuse and influence other people) that you are not capable of speaking in a crowd.

Stop worrying about what other people would say to you. Stop bothering yourself that they care if you dress well or if you look good. In fact, they don’t care at all since they have more troubles to attend to than analyze what is lurking in your mind. Ultimately, you are just creating illusions in your mind that aren’t real after all.

These may not have serious implications on you now yet after years of experience in public speaking, you will understand that no one ever remembered that you stuttered during a speech or that you looked awful during a talk. All that people would remember is that once, you have talked in their midst and did the very thing everyone else refused to do.

Source: https://positivearticles.com