Fear Getting in the Way? Try a Passion Prescription

Does fear ever immobilize you, or keep you from moving forward?

Passion is a perfect prescription – or antidote – for fear. You will see why as you read on about an intuitive vision consultation I did for a business owner the other day. She came to me because of a chronic problem – she was often frozen by fear that seriously affected her productivity.

She said that sometimes one challenging telephone call she needs to make could “destroy three days” of her life. She also said that she has so many things to do during the week that she feels overwhelmed and it is hard for her to focus her attention on any one thing.

According to her, she developed this pattern as a child in response to her father’s temper. Part of her defense was to try to become invisible. It was interesting that in the vision I had, I didn’t see her in the picture. She had succeeded in becoming invisible – she had become invisible to herself.

What Does Passion Have to Do with All of This?

As you read on simply substitute YOUR passion for “writing” and you will see. . .

Early in the reading, this client said, “I’m a novelist. That’s my passion.” On weekends, the freezing fear shows up when she is torn between working on her novel, or on something else that needs to get done.

When you know your passion, it is most important that you spend time with that passion . . . if you are a novelist you have to write.

When you write, you come alive – the life force flows through you. When you write, you become present and real, or visible, to yourself.

Whatever else needs to be done is fine to do, as long as the writing is done first. When other things pull you away from what’s most important – away from your passion – you are pulled away from YOU.

It’s very frightening to be pulled away from yourself. When you’re not present or visible to YOU, you’re not present for the rest of your life, and even the simplest things can feel overwhelming.

Fear is perpetuated every time you choose something that’s least important over what’s most important. Passion is your touchstone to what’s most important.

The antidote to fear is to give yourself over to your passion in a significant way. It is a requirement that you write to dissolve your fear.

The very act of writing is saying yes to you. Every time you make the choice to give yourself over to your authentic passion, you become more visible to yourself.

Every time you say yes to what’s most important to you, your self-confidence increases. You grow in trusting yourself to face whatever is “out there” in the world because you have shored up what’s “in here.”

The more you live your passion, the more the life force flows through you and the less room there is for fear. What you’re doing is more important – life itself becomes more important.

The Life Force is the generator of your spiritual DNA, which is encoded with spiritual gifts such as power, confidence and faith. When any of these spiritual gifts is present, there is either no room for fear or fear becomes irrelevant.

As you can see, it is most important for you to write! You have to write, above and beyond anything else.

Acting on your passion is the natural remedy, the antidote to fear! But more than that, living your passion makes you feel alive. And isn’t that what life is all about, really?!

Step Into Your Greatness and Live Your Passion!

P.S. I want to hear from you when your book rolls off the presses.