fear and us

It is an uneasiness of the mind,a painful state or emotion excited by the thought of evil expectation ,apprehension of danger,solicitude,anxiety or alarm in the present or future moment.
Its cause can be anything very small and unobvious to something alarming and big.But the only thing it says to your mind is that its time to blame God for putting this obstacle in your otherwise seemingly good life.But this is what I tell you that all forms of fear are secret forms of self-love.Self-love to not to want to handle responsibilities,face hardships or just a want to escape an unpleasant state of affairs .Its a temporary state of self created paralysis of mind to escape the now unfavourable moment in exchange of the cool act of inactivity and total inertness it wants to have.Thus its like having a secret party in your mind by projecting dread on outside.In your party time you escape show of postivity, courage,accountability and possibilities of failure or blame from yourself onto others or onto the bad situation or onto God.There are no holes in ones life,its just the mind that creates these holes and then tells you to climb out of it .you and I are living in a whole life not in a hole,so do see the difference .The fear has the power to swap the whole into a hole,but you my dear friend can now see the whole experience from even a hole.
Practice saying I am bigger than any fear in this world.I have courage to beat all odds.
And see the fear just shrink away in front of your eyes.Face fear with activity and hardwork till you face success or failure,but do not stop to have a party in your mind of inactivity or terror and set about to gaining sympathy from others.Rather gather up your Lions and face the future with bravery and guts.