Fat No More Secrets 4 of 10: Fat protects me from abuse and unwanted attention

Losing weight is not just about being on a diet or working out as proven by the large number of unsuccessful diets and workout programs. First, you need to discover the many M.E.S.S. blocks (Mental, Emotional, Subconscious, and Spiritual blocks) that prevent you from losing weight and then let them go. These M.E.S.S. blocks are distorted beliefs, thoughts, or fears that prevent your weight loss. If you do not get rid of these M.E.S.S. blocks, you will keep having an extremely hard time losing weight and, if you succeed, you will always regain the weight.

If you have been physically abused, you will probably be fearful of being abused again, and you will look for a way to protect yourself. Fat protects you from being noticed and seen. Fat decreases the sexual attention that you receive from others because fat makes you less attractive. Fat again becomes a form of protection.

A lady I met at a conference told me about her overweight teenager daughter who was letting herself go by not taking care of herself and her body. Confronted by her mother, the teenager admitted that the only way she knew how to deal with the unwanted sexual attention from boys at school was to look bad and be overweight.

During a Oprah Winfrey show, Lisa Nichols, a teacher of The Secret admitted she gained 100 pounds to protect herself from unwanted sexual attention from men.

If you are fat and less attractive, you will feel more protected from physical abuse. Many women develop this belief when they have been traumatized by physical abuse. If this has happened to you, you will need to let go of this belief. If you have been beaten on a certain area of the body, you will develop a layer of fat to protect yourself from the physical pain of the beating. You typically store the emotional pain within the same area as well. So, this fat layer will contain emotions and memories related to the physical abuse. Before you can lose the fat through a healthy lifestyle, you will first need to release these stored emotions.

One of my clients was beaten on her legs by her mother. All her life, she had huge legs and she had trouble losing weight. One of her limiting beliefs was that she still needed to protect herself from her mother’s beating and have at least four inches of fat around her legs as a protection.

To ensure that you feel safe losing weight, you need to let go of the following M.E.S.S. blocks to weight loss: “fat is a protection from abuse”,”fat protects me”; “being fat makes me feel secure”; “I feel insecure and unsafe if I am thin”; “I feel protected from abuse if I am fat”. You will not be able to achieve permanent weight loss until you let go of these distorted beliefs.