Fat Loss: Top 10 Mistakes!

Are you having trouble getting rid of that ugly fat? Don’t have the body you wish you had? Chances are, you’re making one (or more) of these common mistakes!

In this article I’ll reveal to you, the most common mistakes I’ve seen made by my training clients and many others at the fitness clubs I’ve worked. (Note: You can read more great tips on how to SUCCESSFULLY lose weight and get the body YOU desire, at my Blogger blog: Weight Loss Cures Kevin Trudeau. See Author Box below this article. And no, the Kevin Trudeau method is NOT one of them.)

Listed in order, from the most Obvious Dumb mistakes, to the most Difficult to Detect (for even intelligent dieters/exercisers), here they are:

#10: Becoming a “Steroid Drug PUSSY” (SDP).

I always assume that everyone knows, that those bodybuilders you see in the Muscle Magazines, didn’t get those bodies by doing the “right” workouts (the ones they constantly publish in those mags); didn’t get those bodies by eating the “right” foods (the ones they recommend in those mags); and didn’t get those bodies by taking the “right” secret-supplements (advertised incessantly in those mags). And I’m constantly disappointed to find that some people are still being SUCKERED by those magazines.

They got those bodies by sticking needles in their *ss!!

As they say, “a REAL MAN doesn’t need drugs.”

#9: Becoming A Fad Diet SUCKER.

Over 90% of dieters (and diets) fail. That’s a fact.

And most of that is due to all the people, who get tricked into thinking that the latest, over-hyped fad diet, will be the “magic bullet” that finally works for them.

#8: Becoming A Diet Pill SUCKER.

The answer is not fad drugs, either. They will at best, work in the immediate short-term, while “rewarding” you with a roster of ugly side effects!

Plus, have you noticed? Almost EVERY diet pill that’s been allowed on the market, has been recalled months/years later, due to the “sudden” discovery of new, deadly side effects…

#7: Becoming A “Supplement” SUCKER.

Remember this: When you read the word “supplement” in those ripoff muscle mags, substitute the real word for it: drugs. I’ve lost count of the number of clients who have come to me with questions about the “latest, greatest supplement”, that’s supposed to work miracles. And despite my advice, many of them waste $100s (or even $1000s) on this cr*p!

Competing NATURAL bodybuilders will tell you, that the best supplements they’ve ever found, contributed maybe an extra 5% to their performance. (Maybe – and that’s after doing everything else, correctly.)

#6: Becoming A Fad Device SUCKER.

Every year it never fails – yet another new “ab miracle device” appears in franchise fitness chain gyms, “guaranteed” to give every person who uses it, washboard abs in 30 days. Yeah, right.

I read recently, that one of these devices which the FTC eventually banned, netted the owners $100 MILLION plus (before they crawled back under their rock). Whew! That’s a lot of suckers out there…

Ok. We’re getting down to the Big Ones. With the dumb, obvious mistakes, out of the way – we’re down to the Intelligent ways to really SUCCEED at getting the body you desire. So don’t quit now! Learn the top 5 mistakes to avoid, by reading the next article in this article series on my blog (see the Author Box below). The next article is posted here: http://weightlosscureskevintrudeau.blogspot.com