Fat Loss Nutrition Tips for Lean Sexy Abs

The nutrition portions of the “six pack abs” interview. Diet tips for fat loss success…

CB: Let’s turn to nutrition. What is your fat loss nutrition philosophy?

MG: I could talk about nutrition for hours and it’s such a controversial subject, so I’ll keep this brief…

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as the “diet gurus” make it out to be. It can be a lot simpler…

1. whole, unprocessed organic foods, as close to their natural state as possible
2. High nutrient density food choices instead of nutrient deficient processed foods
3. Fruits and vegetables (lots of vegetables) as your main source of carbohydrates instead of so much reliance on grains as is so prominent in our food supply these days
4. Moderate amounts of high quality protein at each meal
5. High fiber intake to help appetite control and glycemic control (maintaining more balanced blood sugar)
6. Don’t neglect healthy fat intake from nuts, seeds, organic eggs, wild fish or fish oil, virgin coconut oil and olive oils, avocados, etc (helps appetite control and hormonal balance)

Once you gain control over the aspects listed above, everything else usually works itself out in your diet… you no longer crave sweets or junk food because your body finally has all of the nutrients it needs. Another important thing that this style of eating does is that it tends to bring people naturally back to the proper amount of calories they need each day without having to attempt to count calories or anything like that.

CB: How do you address “lifestyle” with your clients to help them lose fat?

MG: One of the most important things I try to instill in my clients is that this has to become part of their lifestyle if it is ever going to work long-term. They need to make their health and fitness a priority in their life, and they must enjoy it…whether it’s because they actually enjoy the actual exercise and healthy eating, or because they enjoy the feeling of strength or energy or confidence that it gives them.

CB: Give us some of your unique fat loss stories. For example, have you ever made one small change to a client’s program that helped them get through a plateau? Or has a client ever responded to one form of training that surprised you? Stuff like that…

MG: I had one client a couple years ago… a guy in his early 30’s…a classic case in reality. He’d been doing the same routine for years… about an hour of cardio 5 days/week while reading the newspaper, and then he’d finish it off with a few weight machines.

He finally came to me because his body was actually getting worse despite his long workouts. I asked him to put his trust in me, and asked if he’d be willing to try something drastically different…

I asked if he would fully give up his cardio for 6 weeks and follow one of my free weight training routines instead. I actually insisted that he didn’t do any cardio at all during this experimental 6 weeks of change… only weights would be allowed. This was hard for him at first as he was so accustomed to just doing all of this boring cardio because it was easy. But easy workouts don’t create a better body!

The results were incredible… I think his strength improved about 30-40 lbs on almost all of his lifts during that 6 weeks while simulataneously losing about 15 lbs of body weight, and his beer belly shrunk down considerably to the point where he had to go out and buy some new pants with smaller waists.

Another story… As far as clients getting new results from just a small tweak…

A few people that have been stuck at a fat loss plateau have come to me and I gave them a simple nutrition trick to try. This simple change was to start basing their last full meal of the day around just meats with lots of veggies and salad… basically, no starches with dinner, just meat and veggies.

As simple as that sounds, I’ve seen many people break their fat loss plateau just by implementing that into their diet. So many people think that their meals need to be based on starch like pasta or rice, but I think it’s so much easier to lose fat when your meals are based around meat and vegetables instead of starch.

I could go on, but I hope that gives some useful ideas for now to help break through that fat loss plateau.