Fat Loss Essentials: To Get Six Pack Abs

You don’t need a lot of fancy ab exercises to flatten your abs. The fact of the matter is, ab exercises don’t even flatten your abs. They work just like any other exercise does for any other muscle to:

Create additional stress on the muscle and to break down the tissue to heal bigger, stronger, and more dense.


So, the notion that abs exercises create a flat tummy is a myth at best, handed down year after year after year. The key to getting a flat belly begins in the kitchen. With the right foods and the right training program, your tummy will be flat as a pancake in record time.

Once you get your food choices in order, the next step is to begin with regular old training exercises. The fundamentals, nothing fancy, nothing complicate, just the basics.

Next you begin adding ab exercises to your program.

The best ab exercises in my arsenal are actually not even exercises you’d consider to be abs exercises at all.

Here are my favorites:

1) Heavy Dumbbell Squat – Hold the DB’s at your shoulder and perform a squat. Nothing fancy, but the additional weight and added instability will force your abs to work double time.

2) Bent Over Dumbell Rows – Sure this works your biceps and your back, but it’s a killer lower back and ab exercise

3) Mountain Climber Rotation – This is a regular mountain climber with a twist at the end, and it’s a killer ab exercise.

To go advanced, the absolute best ab exercise out there is the weighted cable crunch.

Ab exercises train your abdominal muscles, but they don’t make them flat. It’s that simple. To burn body fat and flatten your tummy, focus on nutrition, a traditional full body training program, and interval training before you even consider adding any ab exercise.