Fat Flush Fitness Plan

The Fat flush fitness plan is a revolutionary diet plan by Ann Louise Gittleman for weight loss and for providing an innovative way to completely detoxify the body system. It aims at reshaping the body system as well as improving the overall fitness of body.

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S., is a well-loved health nutritionist and futurist. The fat flush fitness plan comprises of three phases. The beginning is really tough as you are supposed to say no to almost everything you crave for, apart from the essentials like grains, dairy products, sugar and even starchy vegetables. Phase 1 of the plan comprises of 14 days and is planned to start weight loss with a giant leap. Phase 2 aims at keeping up the momentum and thus you continue to lose weight while Phase 3 goals on maintaining your figure without any ill effect on your health.

The Fat Flush Fitness Plan aims at giving you quick loss of unnecessary weight as well as that ugly cellulite. The effects include better toning of muscles of buttocks, thighs and upper arms. It also claims to provide respite from problems like water retention. It includes exercises that target to reduce fat in tummies.
There are some famous and tasty recipes that can be enjoyed under the fat flush fitness plan. They are smoothies of cranberries with protein powder, flaxseed oil, blueberries etc for breakfast. Another recipe that is Gittleman’s answer to those tempting white rice with mashes potatoes is Kari’s Marvelously Mashed cauliflower. It is prepared by mashing boiled cauliflower, adding spices like cloves, garlic, onion powder etc and serving with beef or chicken broth.

At first the fat flush fitness plan can seem tedious and hopeless and a really uphill task. Some avid followers of the diet shared their tips to keep up your spirits to follow the plan till end. According to them, the best way is to find a partner for mutual encouragement and motivation. You can also seek help online help from the various Fat Flush message boards and other support groups.

Another idea is remove the source of all temptations by cleaning out your cupboards and fridges. In order to get a super figure you should follow your diet in an organized way by planning out your meals. Measure each food item that you plan to have and don’t overdo or under do. If you feel low without your favorite chocolates or that tempting burger then go for something healthy like vegetables, cran water etc. Last but not the least, don’t forget the power of self motivation and keep giving yourself a pep talk from time to time regarding the benefits of Fat Flush Fitness Plan.

Ann Louise Gittleman’s Fat Flush Fitness Plan reformed weight loss, by providing a complete innovative system for detoxifying the body for improved overall well being. Recently she teamed up with fitness expert Joanie Greggains and developed another complete body care program that complements her plan. So go ahead and follow the famous Fat Flush Fitness plan and get a curvaceous figure as well a healthy and energetic body.