FAQs about MBA Programs

Not everyone has the right information about MBA programs! Many students feel reluctant to enter business and administration program for having some misconceptions about the program. They can achieve high goals in this field with the outstanding academic performance of theirs given that they are provided with the correct information about MBA degree. Following are some of the main questions a student may like to ask before deciding his future career:

• What is the duration of an MBA degree?

In USA the duration is two years like any other degree program. Meanwhile in Europe one year program is becoming famous among the students.

• What is the cost of the degree?

The program is expensive and you need to do a proper search before you decide your school and the exact program you like to earn the degree of. The top MBA programs cost $120,000 to $150,000. So, weigh your options well before deciding to enter the program.

• Can one pursue a higher degree after MBA?

MBA degree is considered a student’s final stop in business and administration qualification. Therefore, many candidates choose to earn a degree in business after having earned a degree in masters or doctorate in any another discipline. Actually the post, MBA programs are oriented on the base of your career. You appear in any of those programs for getting your hand on more polished skills and better knowledge in your practical life. Your MBA degree is not the base of a PhD . If you are interested in going to that point of higher education then you need to pursue your education in a program which has more academic weight and deeper research concept.

• Which program is better; full time or part time?

A full time program is spread over two years or four semesters. The first year is for the core courses of MBA. Second year is for specialization. While the part time program is designed for people on job. The program is shortened by decreasing the duration of core classes. The degree of both programs has the same value. You can join in any program that suits your life schedule the best.

• How an MBA is different form an EMBA?

Working executives select EMBA program as they target to improve their career. Many of these are sponsored by the company they work for. These programs are designed for professionals who only need to sharpen up their skills in management to climb up in their post. These programs provide extensive training to a number of professional fields.

MBA degree program offers the students the opportunity to learn general management only.

• Can I get admission in an MBA program without prior study of business?
Yes, you can as this program emphasizes on diversity. Applicants from various academic backgrounds, professional engagement and training are most welcome to MBA programs.

These are some major queries about MBA as an area of study. For minor details you can contact your concerned school and get satisfactory information.