The dictionary defines fantasy as, “an imagined event or sequence of mental images, such as a daydream, usually fulfilling a wish or psychological need; an unrealistic or improbable supposition.” That is fantasy.

However, the vision that you have for your life, your goals, your dreams and your desires, are not fantasy. They are not just daydreams fulfilling a psychological need. They are not just some nice mind games to keep you happy and positive. And they are certainly not unrealistic or improbable suppositions.

Quite the contrary, your goals, your dreams, and your desires really do matter. They are important. Why? They are important because they are YOUR goals. They are YOUR dreams. They are YOUR desires.

Have you ever wondered who decides and determines if your goals, dreams and desires are too big? Does someone exist who has the authority to overrule your goals, desires and dreams? Do we determine and decide for others just how big they can dream, or what goals are simply not realistic for them?

It is not your place or mine to determine if someone’s goals and dreams and desires are too big for them or not. You and I are not the ones to figure that out for someone else. Likewise, it is no one else’s business to decide if your goals and dreams and desires are too big or not for you. They are yours!

So, what about ability and resources? Is that the criteria that should determine the size of our goals? If that were true, a blind man would have never made it to the top of Mt. Everest. And yet, Erik Weihenmayer did just that in 2001. If ability and resources determine whether a goal is too big or not, then three small ships would have never crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. But in 1492, they did.

Sometimes looking at our own present ability and our own present resources are enough to deter us from what we really desire deep inside. That is, unless of course we have the right connections!

Have you ever heard the statement, “It’s who you know that counts?” I’m sure you have. And you’ve also probably heard, “You’ve got to have connections to make it in this world.”

Now I’m not denying that connections can be helpful; many times, they are very helpful. The point I am making is that too often people look at their lack of ability and resources. Then, they look at their lack of “connections” and they give up on their goals. But, they have overlooked the biggest and best connection of all!

As Christians we have a loving Father, unwavering in His love for us, and unlimited in His ability and His resources. With that kind of a connection, why would you ever give up or abandon your goals, dreams and desires? In fact, there is a verse in the Bible that talks about God being able to do that which is exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think!

How big can you think? How big can you dream? How big are your goals and desires? It really doesn’t matter what it seems like to other people. It’s not their dream – it is yours! You can have it. And, you can have every desire of your heart!

Fantasy is a dream with no action. Without action, dreams become unrealistic or improbable suppositions. Without action, our desires are nothing more than a sequence of mental images. Without action, our desires just become daydreams.

The vision you carry of your life, your goals, your dreams, and your desires are your prerogative, and they are very important! They are important because they are yours! Don’t let anyone talk you out of them. Especially don’t talk yourself out of them!

Because God loves you, your goals and dreams and desires are important to Him too. Don’t allow them to evaporate into a fantasy. Instead, ask for His help, and begin taking action.

Act now! Do something, no matter how small it seems to you! Acquire information, develop a new skill, or talk to someone. The point is, start moving.

Remain confident that your desires will come to pass, that your dreams will be fulfilled, and that your goals will be met, and they will!