Famous Psychic Readers

Down through the years, there have been many psychics that have gained notoriety. This is a partial list of those psychic readers.

1. John Edward: This American Psychic medium has accumulated quite a following of believers. He is very accurate in his psychic readings with messages from beyond, and detailed descriptions of what he sees.

2. Helen Duncan: Born in Scotland in 1898, this psychic medium would hold s?ances in the homes of others or spiritual churches and would conjure the physical manifestation of loved ones. On 2 separate occasions she was able to bring the spirit of a man serving in the Royal Navy. Those attending the s?ance did not know the man had passed on. Hours later the news of the ships sinking would be heard. In 1933 she was accused of faking, she was found guilty of fraud and paid a fine of ?10. This did not deter her and she continued to hold s?ances until 1944 when one of the sessions was raided. A police officer tried to grab the ectoplasm emanating from her body, claiming it was nothing but a sheet.

He found he could not hold onto the substance and even though there was no evidence Helen and three others were charged with conspiracy. She was eventually charged with vagrancy, conspiracy, and the witchcraft act of 1735. Many people took the stand telling of how accurate Helen’s gifts were. She was sentenced to 9 months in jail. Helen was taken ill when the police raided her s?ance in 1956. She never recovered and died 5 weeks later in Scotland with her family.

3. Lucy Hale: This psychic reader lived in Oxfordshire England and attended Spiritual Churches in the area. She worked for over 40 years as a psychic medium, until she was well into her 80’s. Lucy carried on some of her church work until she fell ill and passed away after a short stay in the hospital in 1994.

4. Jose’ Arigo: This psychic healer was born in Brazil in 1918 and first found he could heal when he was confronted with the immanent death of a relative, he stood nearby as last rites were being read. Working quickly, Jose’ took a knife from the kitchen and removed a large tumor from the woman. News of the miracle spread quickly and he soon began seeing and treating many people. He claimed that a German doctor, who had passed over, would take over his body and perform the cures. In 1956 he was arrested for practicing medicine illegally. He is credited with performing surgery using any instrument he had on hand, with great success.

5. Daniel Dunglas Home: This physical medium was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in March of 1833. In 1842 he moved with his family to America, and went to stay with his Aunt after losing his mother in 1850. Strange things began happening after the teenager came to live there. Nonexplicable noises were heard in the house and furniture moved of it’s own accord. His aunt enlisted the help of ministers to rid him of this curse, instead they informed him he had been given a gift from God to do his work. He began holding s?ances in the middle of the day to dissuade skeptics. At these s?ances, knocking noises were heard, the table would vibrate, rise from the floor, or tilt.

Other unusual phenomena such as levitating furniture and people, musical instruments that materialized and played by themselves, and hands that would appear out of nowhere and begin to write on pieces of paper were evident. Home retired from psychic work in 1873, and died of tuberculosis in 1886.

Source: https://positivearticles.com