Family Scrapbooking

Do you wish your entire family would get involved in scrapbooking? As you know, creating and maintaining one is fund even on a personal level, but is even more fun when expanded to the larger family. Merging in elements of the entire family and family events speaks greatly to all the people involved in your family, and tell the larger story.

Involving the whole family helps to preserve your family history, and have something everything can get involved with. Each family member can be called upon to tell the story of their own life, a special event or vacation, a memorable holiday, or some special skill or hobby that means a lot to them. It can even be a mix of family members doing their own scrapbooks, but also working together on a common one. By working together, you can share ideas about creative ideas for layouts, visual elements, and how to intermix journal entries.

Before beginning a family scrapbook, choose the themes in advance, and seek family agreement on it. As an example, if the them is “family vacations”, you can decide how to break it out into sections, whether it’s chronological or by type of vacation. Or perhaps your theme is important family events such as weddings, arrival of new children, or special holidays. Be sure everyone has a voice in which pictures are chosen, everyone will have a different opinion and should be taken into consideration. It’s important not to include any photos a particular family member objects to.

Another idea is to have one or more pages dedicated to particular family members, and work together with them to identify key themes and photos to include from their life. This can be quite a challenge if you have many photographs! This can be fun for children, who like to be included and choose what they like.

Try to have everyone work cooperatively together at the same time, so it’s a fun family event in itself. You can work together on selecting the photos, working out what to write, and any other embellishments everyone would like to add. Involve the children to create drawings or other crafts so they are a part of it.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby that the entire family can get involved in, and one you can work on at any time, and over many years. It’s a great opportunity for older family members to share their life experiences with others, and teach the young ones not only about their lives, but to help them learn to preserve memories and appreciate them. It’s important to remember it’s the memories and family participation that’s most important, and don’t get too hung up on perfection of layout. In the end, these can be very cherished family items important to all, and something you probably want to keep in a very safe place.