Family Reunion Camping

Family reunions are a fun annual tradition. They are a time for everyone to come together for a few days and catch up, relax, and enjoy quality time with the family. One great way to host a family reunion is by having a camping trip. Camping is a great option, especially for larger families, and ensures that the family spends time together instead of watching TV or going shopping.

Family reunions in general take a lot of advance planning. However, when planning a camping family reunion the planning will be even more extensive. You’ll want to be sure to find a campground that can support your entire family. Have the area mapped out so that when people show up they will know where to pitch their tents, this will help cut down on confusion. Have each individual family setup their own camping spot and then have a central area for family meals and activities. Make sure that everyone knows what type of camping gear to bring. It is probably a good idea to make up a family newsletter and send it out with all of the camping gear that will be needed listed. A family newsletter will also help keep everyone in the loop and things running smoothly. It is inevitable that certain family members will be keener on the camping idea than others. You should have more experienced campers help out those who don’t go camping as much.

Activities and food will need to be well planned in order for the camping trip to be a success. There is nothing worse than the entire family waiting around for breakfast because someone forgot the eggs. Delegate responsibilities to different families and stay on top of them. Everyone will have to work together to make the camping trip a hit. Make sure that you not only plan for the preparation and service of meals, but also for the cleanup afterward. It is important that you leave your camping site better than when you found it so come prepared with trash bags and cleaning supplies. Activities can be split into two categories, large group activities and smaller group activities. It’s important to have a mixture of both. Have large group scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, and games.

Then break off into smaller groups for more traditional camping pastimes like fishing, hiking, canoeing, and animal watching. At night bring the whole family together around the campfire for a devotional. This is a great time to hear from more senior members of the family. Then make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to stargaze. Many great family memories are made camping under the stars and around a campfire.

Family reunions will always be memorable, but making your family reunion a camping trip will guarantee that it sticks out. Camping is a great time for family to join together, build stronger relationships, and create more of a family identity and unity. The next time it’s your turn to plan the family reunion, be sure to give camping a look. You won’t be disappointed with the outcome.