False Eyelashes – How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Go for glamour with false eyelashes. Whether you apply a few singles to create a subtle change or full lashes for optimal drama, practice first’this is a tricky beauty enhancer.

Today’s false eyelashes are more natural looking when you learn how to apply false eyelashes following our simple steps. There are dozens and dozens of brands to choose from, and several types of lashes (full set, clumps, or individual lashes). This array of choices will make it easy to apply false eye lashes, and achieve the look you want to create.

Full sets are the easiest to apply, and individual lashes the hardest since they require a very steady hand. When you are first learning how to apply false eyelashes you should practice several times, and wear them at home before venturing out into the world. You will get to understand how they feel and whether you are applying enough adhesive to last through whatever event you want to wear them to.

How To Apply False Eyelashes With Ease

Here’s a step by step guide to putting on eyelashes so that they will look amazing. This guide to wearing false eyelashes only needs to be used once to help you to learn how applying false eyelashes really can help your eyes to become glamorous.

Brush First

Before you apply the actual eye lashes to your eyes, use your eye linger to create a line against your upper lashes. Later, this will help you to cover up that lash band you’ll be using. Use your finger to smudge it somewhat so that it doesn’t look as obvious.

Pull Through

Many women make the mistake of trying to dab eye lash glue onto their other lashes directly. This is one of the main reasons your eye lashes will clump. Instead, apply a dab of glue to your finger. Hold the eyelash in your other hand and pull the lashes through the dot of glue. Do this in one fluid motion.

If you are using individual eye lashes, you’ll want to just dab the bottom of them into the glue individually.

After you do this, wait about 10 seconds for the glue to begin to set.


To apply the lashband of eye lashes, you’ll want to start at your eyes’ natural line. Apply them as close as possible to this area as this will create the most natural looking lashes. Position the lashes over the top of your eye, make sure they align correctly then press down on them.

If you are just applying individual eye lashes, you’ll want to apply them starting on the outside corners of your eyes and then work towards the middle. This will create a natural look.

In fact, if you are applying individual lashes, you’ll just need a few lashes strategically placed to create an amazing look.

Don’t Forget To Curl

Don’t forget to go back to your eyelashes after they have dried and curl them. Do this with your mascara as you normally would. Both your natural lashes and your fake eye lashes should have mascara applied to them.

Summary: Though eyelashes are essentially to human faces as whiskers are to cats and dogs, their beauty is indicative of feminine beauty. Eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow are all used regularly by women as a part of their regular makeup and cosmetic routine.