False Eyebrow Solution

Would you like your eyebrows to look fuller, smoother, and perfectly shaped in a matter of seconds? NuBrow is an excellent way to have beautiful eyebrows without the use of pencils, stencils, or tattoos. NuBrow false eyebrows make it possible to conceal sparse, over-plucked, or thinning eyebrows by concealing them with natural-looking, contouring, synthetic eyebrows.

Why are eyebrows important?

Eyebrows are one of the many ways we express human emotion and communicate with one another. We use our eyebrows to help convey feelings such as surprise, interest, disgust, anger, sadness, and happiness.

They also have a significant impact on our appearance, adding character and accenting other features of the face, such as the eyes and cheekbones. Full, correctly shaped eyebrows frame the eyes and brighten the face.

Our eyebrows also play an important role in shielding our eyes from harmful dust and debris, as well as from the sun and dangerous UV rays.

Common methods of achieving natural-looking eyebrows.

Many with full, thick eyebrows, or stray hairs commonly resort to tedious tweezing and/or shaving, painful waxing, or electrolysis. These methods can damage hair follicles, impeding new hair generation. It may take up to six months for new hair to grow in, and even much longer for the new hairs to match the fullness and color of the existing ones.

Others, with thin eyebrows try to accentuate or augment them with pencils, transplants, or tattoos. Using pencils requires skill, is time consuming, and still must be retouched throughout the day. Transplants rarely meet desired expectations, and tattoos (also referred to as permanent make-up) are a big commitment.

Permanent makeup tattooing, or intradermal micropigmentation, is expensive, fades over time, and requires touchups. You must first find a qualified, reputable technician that you can trust. It may also be weeks before your new eyebrows achieve their proper shape. And don’t forget that these are permanent. What if you are not happy with the technician’s work? What if he did not correctly feather your brow or if you are unhappy with the color?

What are some causes of eyebrow loss?

The hair follicles in the eyebrows may become damaged from excessive tweezing, aging, medical conditions, reactions to medications, burns, injuries and other reasons.

With age, eyebrows sag because muscles around the eyes and in the brow grow weaker, allowing the eyebrow to sag over the eye. Most people have two options: expensive cosmetic surgery, or removing the eyebrows through tweezing, shaving, etc.

Hair loss, also called alopecia, not only affects the hair on top of one’s head, it also causes loss of hair in the eyebrows.

Certain medications, such as those for gout, arthritis, depression, hypertension, chemotherapy, and heart problems will cause hair loss. In fact, Marlynne Roberts, creator and president of NuBrow, was inspired to develop NuBrow when her mother “lost her lovely arched eyebrows to chemotherapy, in her fight against cancer.”

How can NuBrow help?

With NuBrow false eyebrow, natural-looking synthetics are placed on top of thinning brows using a special adhesive. They are ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, or for use all the time.

NuBrow false eyebrows are offered in a choice of colors, including blond, medium brow, dark brown, and black. Applying a darker or lighter eye shadow onto the brows will accentuate the color, just like real eyebrows.

They are reusable, and if kept with care, one pair of NuBrow eyebrows can last over a month.

The NuBrow adhesive allows them to stay on and remove with ease. They conform easily to the individual features of your face, fitting over thinning eyebrows.

NuBrow are one size fits all, and are able to be easily trimmed down to length if desired.