Fall Wedding Theme

Making the Fall a Perfect Time for a Theme Wedding

You often see couples getting married in June but it doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Take note of this: Fall can be an ideal time for your wedding if you want to use the beauty and warmth that the season offers. Here are some ideas you can use for your fall theme wedding:


And outdoor wedding is the best way to have a fall theme wedding- when the leaves are turning yellow and surrounding is turning brown and gold. Some of the best places to hold a fall theme wedding ceremony and receptions are in a country inn, a vineyard, an apple orchard, a ranch, a rustic farm, or a bed-and-breakfast. National parks that accommodate wedding gatherings are good too. For as long as your guests can witness your exchange of vows with a changing nature as your background, then your fall theme wedding would be great.

Color theme

You may find it difficult to select a color theme for other seasons. But for fall, it’s a no-brainer. Use the nature as your inspiration. Choose greens, burnt oranges, warm rusts, browns, and golden yellows.


Make use of the nature’s color when considering your decorations. Flowers should be based on what are abundant during the season. You can use rust-colored roses or red and orange flowers. Match it with deep colors of chrysanthemums, and Gerber daisies. Use berries and leaves to add details.

Tables can be toped with glass. Underneath the glass are bright burnt orange linens or different silk leaves to make a perfect autumn feel even while the guests are eating. Instead of using silvers, use copper or gold utensils and buckets.

For centerpieces, hollow-out pumpkins and fill them with different fruits like pears, pomegranates, apples, cranberries, pinecones, and tangerine or put a candle inside for a total jack-o-lantern motif.

An outdoor fall wedding ceremony is also best because you can design your altar. Use several types of leaves and flowers to give emphasis to the center of the celebration.


Keep your menu in line with your fall theme. You can consider serving pumpkin soup, fruit desserts like apple cider and pumpkin pie, grilled sausage, roast turkey, and corn bread. Your cake should be in line with your fall theme as well. Decorate it with chocolate leaves or marzipan.

And don’t forget to serve every guest table with grapes with crackers and cheese. Give your guests wine or beers.


If you want to have a good first impact, making a wedding invitation perfectly fitted to your fall theme is very important. This is why it is always best that you design your own fall theme wedding invitation. However, there are many companies that offer a wide array of fall theme wedding invitation. For sure, you will have a perfect fall theme wedding invitation without doing the manual labor.


Instead of flower girls dropping flower petals, they can drop leaves to simulate the autumn season.

Parting Gifts

Do not forget to give your guests with delightful treats that would put an exclamation point to the event. Give them leaf-shaped chocolates coated with sugar, a chocolate-coated strawberries, a box of chocolate-shaped acorn, or anything that would still symbolize the fall.

The key to have a perfect fall theme wedding is being consistent in using things that exist during the season. If you succeed on this, you will succeed in giving the best fall theme wedding your guests could experience.

Source: https://positivearticles.com