fake car alarm

Benefiting From Fake Car Alarms

How can you protect your car from being stolen if you don’t have enough money to buy yourself a decent car alarm system? Simple. Go get yourself a fake car alarm. A fake alarm appears to work as well as the real (and more expensive) car alarm systems and most thieves will not be able to tell the difference.

There is an up and a down side to equipping your car with a fake car alarm device.

Usually, a car that is equipped with a car alarm has a blinking light where its alarm box is located. This helps deter thieves from thinking about doing anything to your car and keeps them at bay.

Given the fact that most carjackers are already kept away by these blinking lights, a fake car alarm with the same feature can do the same. Nobody would notice that your car alarm is fake, unless, of course, he or she tries to test fate and actually does something to your car. In this instance, you are not really safe.

For the cheapskates, getting a fake car alarm is one of the best ways to get protection. They retail for around $20 each, as opposed to real and branded car alarms that can reach a hundred dollars or more. If your main goal is to have a crime deterrent visible on your car, a fake car alarm is your best buy.

Naturally, since it is a fake, you shouldn’t expect everyone to buy its veracity. It may be able to keep away novice carjackers, but the seasoned ones might be able to tell if it’s real or not. In this case, you are still not spared from thievery. What a fake car alarm can do is to prevent small time car busters from getting any ideas.

There really isn’t any disadvantage to getting a fake car alarm. Besides the fact that it’s dirt cheap, it has been proven to be effective in some instances. If your greatest concern is to protect your car from people who might want to steal it, a fake alarm will do the trick.

Again, just don’t expect it to keep everyone away.

Source: https://positivearticles.com