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The Book Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith

Stories have a way of transforming people who read them. Whether what you are reading is fiction or non-fiction, somehow, you cannot finish reading a story without coming away with a fundamental truth. The book, Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith, counts on this. Authored by one of the most influential Yogis in the United States, Swami Rama, Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith can be called an anthology of short stories and can also be labeled as a manual to life.

The book entitled “Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith” attempts to help people understand the power of faith. The topic of faith is explored through different manifestations such as fearlessness, special abilities, and the miracles of healing. The book “Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith” explores these subjects and more in the gentle teaching method of Rama Swami. There are a total of 7 chapters in the book Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith.

Chapter 1 of Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith is entitled “Humble, Happy, and Wise”. Presumably, this chapter explores the benefits of humility in order to attain wisdom and happiness. This is definitely something that everyone is looking for today. Even people who can claim to have success in their lives is bound to be interested in this chapter of Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith.

Chapter 2 is entitled “Faith and Fearlessness”. What is the connection between faith an overcoming your fear? How can your faith help you become fearless? Every person living today have a fear in their lives, whether they admit it or not, the book, Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith helps people gain a better understanding of fear.

The next chapter is entitled “The Mysterious Mind”. Truly, the mind is one of the most mysterious parts of humanity. It is still debated whether it is something entirely separate from the brain or just another function of the body. With Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith, you can take a step closer to unveiling the mystery. “Miracles of healing”, the 4th chapter, discusses the power of faith to heal the ailing not only bodily, but spiritually as well. It is through this chapter that you will see how Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith can truly change your life.

Chapter 5 is all about Trusting the Extraordinary. People today find it so easy to put their trust in ordinary things like a chair but cannot manage to stop questioning what they feel is out of the ordinary. Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith helps people to find their faith and helps them place it into the extraordinary.

Chapter 6 tells people about Encounters with the Divine. How exactly will your faith help you experience that which is divine? Should you go seeking out divinity or can it be found right here on earth? These are just some of the questions explored by Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith in this chapter.

The last chapter is entitled “Learning to Soar”. Flight has always been man’s greatest dream. Even today, when airplanes exist, people still dream of ways to fly on their own. “Learning to soar” does not exactly help you levitate but it does tell you how to make use of your faith to achieve the impossible.

Sop what is the book, Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith all about? Well, it is all about how to acquire faith and how to live daily with it.