Failure of Six Sigma Benchmarking efforts – Why?

Six Sigma Benchmarking efforts are systematic and structured, concentrating on superior performance at the end of the project.

The success of each benchmarking efforts is dependent on the participation of all the team members, black belt and champion involved. The involvement and the commitment of senior management are necessary and it plays a vital role for six sigma efforts.

Internal process of the project understanding is very necessary for the six sigma team. Six sigma efforts will definitely fail if Six Sigma team does not understand the internal processes or management does not support them on regular basis. Team should focus on area of concern.

Due to following reasons six sigma benchmarking efforts fails in many companies:

Lack of understanding: Lack of understanding of internal processes, vision, mission and goal of the organization is the key factor for Six Sigma benchmarking failures. Management must align the activities with the mission statement of the organization otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

Other factors are: fail to understand the needs and wants of the customer; the out comes of the processes and the performance of the complete process.
Lack of sponsorship: The acceptance of the six sigma benchmarking project and its objectives potential costs by management is very important otherwise any improvements made may prove useless. Team leaders may not accept the improvements for lack of understanding of internal processes.

Unfamiliar Teams: Members of the team should be familiar to the process or the area under consideration otherwise they will not be able to understand the details of the process and its relevance to the success of the project. The members of the six sigma team should be people who have vast experience in the working of the process.

Too much work: If team decides to cover broader area, it will be unmanageable to carry out all the projects systematically and timely to its logical solution. Team should prepare simple flowcharts, logical approach to six sigma efforts to complete the six sigma project successfully.

Lack of commitment: If managers underestimate the efforts in terms of times and cost without knowing the pros and cons of the project, it will fail. Lack of commitment of top management six sigma efforts means sure failure of the project.

If management is involved in six sigma process and take special attention then this process will definitely give positive results, better ROI (return of investment) to the organization.

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