Fade or Erase Acne Scars with Microderm Abrasion

First things first: what is the cosmetic surgery technique known as microderm abrasion? Simply put, it is a non-invasive procedure that is used to relieve various skin problems. It can also be used to stimulate new cell production which results in much tighter skin especially when used with a skin firming lotion.

Types of problems solved through microderm abrasion

Microderm abrasion can help in many ways. Dull skin becomes rejuvenated. Large pores become smaller or less noticeable. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothened out. Moderate pigment irregularities (also known as hyperpigmentation) become less obvious. Stretch marks and age spots may be eliminated. And lastly, acne scars can fade or be completely erased through microderm abrasion.

Advantages of microderm abrasion

When used on superficial problems, microderm abrasion is deemed just as effective as other cosmetic procedures. It is also great because it allows you to get back to your regular routine right after undergoing a treatment. There are microderm abrasion kits for use at home now, but if you feel more comfortable being under the care of a certified dermatologist, that is a good option. Microderm abrasion is also less costly than other cosmetic procedures, which is a big plus in its favor. Not only will you look better afterwards but your savings will survive the cost of the treatments.

How microderm abrasion works

Cosmetic surgeons use hand-held machines to shoot out and circulate relatively abrasive crystals around the skin surface. A machine for microderm abrasion relies on a compressor and a pump to work. Along with the abrasion by the crystals, there is a vacuum that acts so that the outer skin layer that is removed will be sucked away from the underlying skin. This is why it is so effective on acne scars. Please take note that acne can not only be experienced on the face, but also on the neck, back, chest, arms, feet, and hands. But regardless of where you have your acne scars, microderm abrasion can remove these.

Painful or not?

People with a low capacity for pain need not worry that the microderm abrasion treatment will hurt because it will not – though no anesthesia is used during the treatment itself. At most, you will feel a tingle on the surface of your skin as you are being treated. Afterwards, the effect on your skin will be similar to a mild windburn. During the initial 24 hours, your skin may turn red but that eventually dissipates as well. There are reportedly no side effects from the treatment. Anyone, regardless of race or skin coloring, can take advantage of the microderm abrasion treatment – even people with sensitive skin can go through it.

Number of treatments

There will be one initial treatment followed by maintenance treatments afterwards, perhaps done every 2 weeks. You will find that, along with reduction in acne scars, age spots will disappear; there will be fewer obvious lines beside the mouth area; blemishes will fade; and even stretch marks of mothers from their pregnancies will go away. One user claims that her friends tell her she looks at least 5 years younger after three years of treatment.