Facts about Making or Buying Candles

If you’re between jobs, or if you’re looking for a fun hobby perhaps you should consider candle making. It’s easier than you think to get into and it doesn’t require any expensive equipment or a special room to do it in. You could start small, using one type of wax in a simple container. Once you find out whether or not you like it you could start experimenting with other waxes and with adding color and fragrances to your candles. Some people who started candle making as a hobby have turned it into lucrative businesses.

Candle making is an easy thing to learn how to do along with being a great way to express your artistic abilities. From the choice of wax to the choice of candle shape, color and fragrance it’s all in your hands. Homemade candles make wonderful gifts for family and friends or birthdays, holidays or special occasions. If you know your best friends favorite scent is lavender wouldn’t it be wonderful to make her a lavender scented candle in a container that you know matches the theme of her home? She would love it.

Don’t fret though, if you don’t want to become a candle maker you can still easily find quality scented candles online with easy online searches. You may actually be amazed at the number you find. It’s become very hip and chic to buy expensive scented candles. No longer does just bayberry or cinnamon or ocean mist scented candles fit the bill. Although these are still popular today as with everything there are now designer scented candles. Diptyque is one brand. They have very sophisticated and complex fragranced candles. Diptyque candles are available in scents you’ve never heard of such as black-currant leaves fig and firewood.

Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today one of the most popular candles are container candles, candles in clear glass jars with lids. These container candles are safer to burn than tapered or pillar candles as the flames are contained inside the jar. These candles are especially nice because you can place them on an electric candle warmer instead of lighting the wick. The electric candle warmer heats and liquefies the wax releasing the fragrance into the air.

Clear containers candles are a favorite today. You’ll find manufacturers like Yankee Candles, White Barn Candles and Classic Candles making container candles. If you like container candles you should have an electric candle warmer. These warmers are a great invention. Plug it in, but your candle on top and let the magic happen. Without flame you candle will release your favorite scent. These electric candle warmers can be kept plugged in for long periods of time and are much safer than having candles lit. Remember though they work by melting the wax, so you must still be careful using them and always keep them well out of the reach of children.

You may also find candles made from all natural soy wax and not paraffin wax. More and more home candle makers and candle manufacturers are using all natural soy wax over paraffin. Paraffin wax is not ecologically friendly as soy wax is. Paraffin wax actually contains some toxins that are released into the air when the candle is lit, soy wax is pure. Paraffin wax is also a by product of the production of oil, soy wax is a totally renewable crop grown by farmers. Soy candles don’t burn as hot as paraffin wax candles.

Some of the most popular quality scented candles on the market today are White Barn Candles and Classic Candles Scentsations Candles. These are modestly priced quality scented candles. Don’t be surprised though if you see some brands, such as Diptyque selling at $48.00. There is a big difference in quality of candles between makers. There are different types of wax, such as paraffin and natural soy wax, and then different grades of paraffin wax. Candle making is an art that requires attention to detail as wax must be melted to a specific temperature before fragrance and coloring are added. It must then be cooled to a specific temperature before it can be poured into the container or mold. The choice of wick is important. A quality candle will have a long burn life and will burn evenly and cleanly.

There is also a big difference between quality of fragrances used. More expensive candle makers will use pure fragrances. These pure fragrances are expensive but the scent is unmistakable and clear. Some candle makers use inferior fragrances thereby requiring more. These scents can become muddled and unrecognizable. You may want to stay away from candles that claim to have the strongest scent. They can be overpowering. Most people who purchase fragranced pillar candles are looking for quality scented candles that have subtle fragrances.