Face Painting: There is Satisfaction in Face Painting on Kids

Face painting is an art that can be undertaken by anyone, amateur or professional. It’s a fun way t entertain your children on a boring afternoon. Rain or shine, you can bring smiles with this simple entertainment. If you’re brave, you can even allow them to paint each other!

Kids of high school ages have enjoyed painting faces for pep rallies. They have painted their mascot paws, team logos or names, school names and colors on their faces for fun and for fundraising. It’s an easy way to earn money for the senior class or an upcoming class trip. They have set up booths at local arts and crafts shows, midnight madness sales, and during special school functions. Low prices keep the student customers coming back or persuade them to purchase more than one picture.

This is important as the artists attitude and patience will either make the kids face painting event a popular one, or a disastrous one. You can easily achieve this by asking what type of kids face painting events they have held in the past, if they have any referrals, and if they have worked with anyone else at the events who you could talk to. All of this is important and relevant, especially if you do not know who the artist is and you do not have anyone who can give you any reviews about the artist and their work.

The next part about hiring a artist for your kids face painting event, is by making sure they use the appropriate tools and paints. You must always make sure that the artist uses FDA approved paint that is not only non-toxic and chemical free, but is also made to be used on a persons skin. If you use paint that is not no-toxic, chemical free and is not made for skin, then it can produce some very serious risks that could lead to hospitalization as well as medical attention.

You may get ideas for designs from popular cartoons, movies, coloring books, drawing books, the animal section in your local library or bookstore, magazines featuring flowers, catalogues, and toy stores. You could also ask the neighborhood kids for ideas. When drawn into the planning, kids can be extremely helpful and imaginative. Ask them to how you their favorite characters or to choose pictures from their own book collection.

Before you hire a artists, always see samples of their work and have a firm and legal agreement in place before you have them host your kids face painting event. Any artist can claim to have the best work. It is not rude or uncommon to see samples of their work whether it is on a website or a picture in their portfolio. Bes sure that the pictures you are looking at are real live people and try to make sure they are authentic. Most face painters take a camera and take pictures of their work to use as pieces of their personal portfolios.

For quick fun, try face painting stamps. Draw a picture of a face onto a big piece of paper and have the child stamp a design on the face. Regular rubber stamps can be used for this, of course. But for actual human face use, there are special face stamps.

By following these simple tips you will hire a professional face painter that will make you kids face painting event a success.