Face Lifting and Peeling

Face Lifting is a plastic surgery for removing wrinkles, sagging flesh, etc. from the face. It is largely concerned with the bodily surface and with reconstructive work of the face and exposed parts. SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system ) manipulation is a common approach to face-lifting, and appropriate modification of the SMAS can produce long lasting esthetically pleasing results. SMAS rhytidectomy begins with the creation of a cheek skin flap. The SMAS is handled in a number of ways. This technique tends to be a very safe approach to face-lifting as the SMAS and sub-SMAS structures are left intact. Baker popularized the lateral SMASectomy approach. Baker’s technique is also very safe as the facial nerve is protected by the parotid gland in the area of SMAS resection.

More extensive SMAS management is obtained by creating a limited SMAS flap or an extended SMAS flap. The SMAS flap is created in addition to the skin flap, and is separately repositioned. As face-lift approaches multiplied and became more complex, patient desires changed. Younger patients began to seek cosmetic surgery and trends toward less invasive approaches to facial rejuvenation developed. A number of face-lift alternatives and adjuvant procedures have been recently popularized. Cosmetic medicine disposes of a technique to treat problematic areas without these disadvantages. This method represents an achievable and efficient solution for an increasing number of people who want to obtain a natural result without surgical operation or general anaesthesia.

For the patient with primarily soft tissue ptosis and little skin redundancy, the use of percutaneously placed suspension sutures is an option. The newest facelift techniques can lift, restore and rejuvenate the face and produce a more long lasting. The surgery is done in the operating room and typically takes 3 to 6 hours. Blue spots can appear on people who are sensitive to such spots. It is also possible that light pain stimuli arise during the first days. Try microcurrent facial rejuvenation or facial acupuncture; both help your body promote production of collagen and elastin. There actually is a new procedure out there for lifting skin without major surgery. It is called the contour thread lift. This procedure does work, has tiny incisions in the hair bearing scalp and serves a key function in rejuvenating the face