Eye Beauty Make up Tips for Afro Americans.

These beauty tips have been kindly contributed by my very good friend Danni Lewis. Danni has been in the beauty business for more years than either of us want to remember. I cannot think of any aspect of creative make up techniques that she has not investigated and I know that she has always been aware of how to apply her extensive knowledge to all, irrespective of colour, religion or nationality. I am proud to be one of her sisters.

We are so lucky with our eyes; our skin colour allows us to have the most exotic and spectacular range of colors to set off the beauty and intensity of our eyes.

As an added attraction many of us have that slightly slanting shape to our lids and the immediate area surrounding our eyes that enhances our female allure and mystery.

Forget all those beauty pundits that are telling women what color eyeshade or liner they should be using to accentuate this skin tone or that eye shape.

Their prognostications are aimed at their own bottom line and that is their self-importance and keeping that profitable job in the media or PR without so much of a thought for any minorities.

Sorry, rant over, so sisters, here are my tips to having great eyes.

First of all remember that the skin under the eyes is the most delicate and thinnest of any on the body so treat it with great care.

When applying or removing eye make up, do it gently.

It is the area that first shows the fine lines that can turn ugly as the years go by so use plenty of moisturizer.

Softly dab your preferred cleanser with cotton wool pads, then use a fresh cotton wool pad to gently apply a good moisturizer.

Diet and lifestyle are tremendously important.

With few exceptions our eyes will be brown so it is essential that the whites of our eyes are clear and sparkling.

Do cut out too many late nights in smoky atmospheres, make sure you have plenty of good light when you are working so avoiding eye strain, and keep to a healthy diet.

Our brown eyes surrounded by healthy whites will set up the foundation for some spectacular eye make up techniques.

Do not be afraid to experiment. In my experience there is virtually no combination of eye makeup colors, liners, shadows or mascaras that does not produce a stunning and spectacular effect that will get us noticed and appreciated.

Those with lighter toned skin and eye colors have to be aware that some make up colors will clash and an attractive effect will be negated.

We do not have this problem as our skin tones and eye color lend themselves readily to contrasting effects that significantly add to and enhance our appearance.

Go for it sisters.