Extreme Sports Underwater Caving

The excitement of caving is a sport that many extreme sports enthusiasts have participated in and caving is becoming more popular every day. To take caving to the extreme level, underwater caving is also increasing in popularity. Exploring a cave underwater is an exciting and often scary way to get that adrenaline rush, but if you are into extreme sports, this is the activity for you. It will get your heart pumping and will add that element of danger that is present in all extreme sports. The mixture of scuba diving and spelunking is a dynamic combination that can bring fun and thrills into your life.

You can start your underwater caving by taking scuba lessons. Even if you have a regular scuba card, you need special classes to go cave diving. Safety is sometimes common sense, but the underwater cave is a very dangerous place. The equipment that you take should be your basic scuba gear, an extra air tank, and underwater lighting. Ropes are essential. If your flashlight goes out, you can be disoriented quickly and may be lost. Your air tank may run out of air in this time of need and the only recourse if you are lost and the air runs out is death. This is why this is one of the most dangerous extreme sports practiced.

Ropes are used to guide you in the underwater darkness. String can be used, but if the string goes taunt and breaks, it may back lash into the darkness not to be seen again. The first diver down should go as far as one quarter of his tank will let him or her. Here he should drop the extra tank they are carrying and return back to the surface. The second diver should follow the first and also drop the extra tank where it can be found later. On the second dive, you again bring an extra tank and go as far as half your tank will let you. This will have you pass the first tanks you dropped off and you can create another breathing station. As you go on exploring further and further into the cave, you will have breathing stations to change out your tanks and to rest.

A lot of underwater cave can be found from underwater rivers or natural springs. These springs come up from the ground and become the headwaters for rivers or they create lakes and ponds. A constant flow of water comes out of these springs at a rate that sometimes it is difficult to fight the current. This is why extreme sports enthusiasts have labeled this as one of the extreme sports. You have to be in top physical shape to navigate such a long way under the water and you also have to be able keep your mind clear if danger arrives. You can’t just swim to the surface like when you are regular scuba diving. This is not a sport for claustrophobics are anybody that panics in tight spaces. If you panic while cave diving, you will probably die.

Source: https://positivearticles.com