Extreme Sports under the Ground

Have you ever wondered why people explore caves? Caving, the recreational sport of exploring cave has been listed as a genre under extreme sports. Caving is different from spelunking or speleology which is the scientific discipline which studies caves and what makes each case unique. For the adrenaline junkie who is in to extreme sports, caving can be an exciting and dangerous pass time. Those who go caving can testify to the thrill it is to find new passages that have not been explored or to be the first human inside a cavern. To be immersed in total darkness somewhere where you don’t where you are has to be the biggest adrenalin rush ever.

The extreme sports angle on caving is that you are really exploring a dangerous place. You have to use mountain climbing techniques to traverse walls and to lower yourself into the dark, yawning holes. One moment you might be crawling though an area or tunnel and the next you can be standing in a cavern with hundred foot ceilings. You may have to swim under ground lakes or try to cross a raging underground river. Like an enclosed wilderness the caves offer a spectacular array of challenges and dangers.

Most caves have been explored and it is very difficult to find a cave that is virgin. Most unexplored caves are deep in the jungles of countries around the equator and places not visited much. If you want to find a virgin cave, you can search using satellite or other sources to find one. Another way to find virgin territory is to dig and tunnel in an already explored cave. Some times the walls are only a few feet thick and you can break into a new section rather easily. Extreme sports caving enthusiasts have called this technique breaking in. Thanks to their efforts professional cavers have made so pretty new discoveries.

If you really want to do some exciting caving, try cave diving. This is where you take the sport to a whole other level. Extreme sports enthusiasts have rated cave diving as one of the most exhilarating and frightening experiences around. Imagine going down dark, tight tunnels in complete blackness. In this underwater environment you will not even know if you are swimming upright or upside down. Only gravity will allow you to see if you are swimming in the right direction.

To go caving you need to take along a flashlight or mining helmet. Always have at least two back up light sources. If your light goes out, you may get lost quickly. You need to also carry along some mountain climbing equipment because some ledges and walkways are very narrow or do not exist at all. Always tell someone where you are caving and how long you will be. Carry a cell phone with you. Though the cell phone will not work in the cave, you can use it on the surface to call for help is someone is injured. This is a dangerous sport and do not try it alone.

Source: https://positivearticles.com