Extreme Sports on One Wheel Mountain Unicycling

Mountain biking has been around for a decade or so and has become associated with extreme sports as the bikers rush down the mountain around obstacles such as boulders, trees, and rock fields. Labeled adrenaline junkies, these extreme sports fanatics have reinforced bikes that can take the punishment of the mountain terrain. Whether using pre-ridden trails or riding off trail, the mountain biker can have a wonderful, thrilling ride through the back country. Now mountain bikers have taken it a level further. They have taken the bicycle and reduced it to one wheel. Mountain Unicycling is the new downhill bicycling extreme sport.

Mountain Unicycling or Muni has broken in the extreme sports arena in the past couple of years. Riders ride on one wheel while going across rough terrain such as rock strewn trails. The danger is added when the unicycle is taken down steep hills and across huge boulders. Since the unicycle does not have a gear system the vehicle cannot reach high speeds or allowing the unicycle to coast. The rider has to keep balance and maintain enough speed to get through the course. The unicycles are more rugged than their predecessors. They have thicker tires and they also have more rugged frames to take the shock of the terrain.

There are annual Muni fests that are held in several states. The Moab Muni fest is being held in Moab Utah this year and riders representing several states and countries are planning to attend. Here they will transverse large boulders and rocks that makes Moab one of the most exciting and challenging terrains around. The riders will perform trick and also have competitions to see who the top Muni rider will be. Extreme sports enthusiasts will come from miles around to attend the festival. This is a great venue to introduce experienced mountain bikers to the sport. In October 2007, Colorado has organized their own Muni fest event. With the great outdoors terrain of Colorado, it will surely be a hit.

If you want to try to Muni it is wise to know how to unicycle and know how to do it well. You have to have a great center of balance. Even if you are getting pretty good on a unicycle, you may want to advance in stages in reference to your terrain choice. On some trails it is easy to misjudge distances and this could lead to a fall that could result in injury or death. Remember that you have a chance to fall in any direction on a unicycle so if you are near the edge of a drop off it could be fatal. Always wear a helmet and pads when attempting Muni. Most off road riding has rocks and a helmet will protect you from most spills.

Though Muni is new to extreme sports, it has been popular with a few select individuals before the sport got its name. Now there are websites dedicated to the sport that features where you can get a Muni and where a place where you can search to find the best riding areas.

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