Extreme Sports Goes Fishing

Though there is not a definable extreme fishing event, extreme sports enthusiasts who are fishermen have taken the sport to extremes on their own. The extreme fishermen have come up with ways to make the sport faster and more exciting for the spectator. They have found ways to speed up the action with faster boats and high tech equipment that not only catches fish, but does so with the flair the other extreme sports have. The extreme fisherman is one who is an adrenaline junkie, but also likes to the quiet of fishing. Sounds oxymoronic, but these people actually exist.

The first thing that the extreme fisherman craves is speed. If you ever watched a professional bass tournament, the contestants have super charged bass boats that scream across the water to get to their chosen fishing spot. Some of these bass boats can reach speeds up to forty five an fifty miles an hour. The boats have been trimmed down to skim across the water and at the same time are made comfortable for the people in the boat and their equipment. Priced as much as an economy car, these boats have added fishing into the world of extreme sports.

Another innovation that has taken fishing up a notch toward being included as an extreme sport is the equipment. Some extreme fishermen have modified shot guns to deliver the line, bait, or lure to out of the way places that a boat and a skilled cast could not reach before. Using rubber grommets inserted in an empty shotgun shell, the fishermen can launch his cast three to four times further than they could do by hand. This can be more accurate also. The grommets release the line on impact of the water and the lure or bait will drop to the surface. The line for this operation needs to be a little sturdier and has to be fed from a spool versus a reel. When the line is cast, the line is then attached to the reel and the angler can wait for a strike. This will allow the fishermen to fight the fish longer and give then more of a challenge landing the big one.

The ultimate in the world of fishing extreme sports is bow fishing. Bow fishing is popular in southern Florida and the swamp lands of the south. More hunting than fishing, the arrow is attached to fishing line that is spooled upon the bow. When fishing for gar fish or other large fish that swim along the top of the water, the angler stands up in the boat and waits for the fish to pass. Once he or she has a clear shot, they loose the arrow toward the fish. If the arrows strikes the fish it will sometimes stick into the fish or pass through the body. When the string is taunt, the arrow will not slide through the wound and the archer angler will bring his fish in. The string is a little tougher than normal fishing line. Bow fishing is the king of extreme sports when it comes to fishing.

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