Extreme Sports Enthusiasts Now Has Their Own Sport Park

Extreme sports are becoming popular with young people across the nation and around the world. Sports such as skateboarding, surfing, BMX, and motocross have added the word extreme to their activities and the sports have taken on an identity of their own. The extreme sports enthusiast now has options to practice their extreme sports in a variety of venues. Once such venue is the Three Palm Extreme Sports Complex in Conroe Texas has opened their doors to several extreme sports and charges a fee for participants to use their facility. Motocross and wakeboarding are the two things that they specialize in but they are planning more activities in the future

Three Palm Extreme Sports claims it has the most highly rated motocross course in the Texas. According to their website they have been listed with four stars from the Fox Sports Network. They feature an extreme track for the extreme sports enthusiast. This motocross track comes with lights and a full irrigation system that will keep the dirt and soft for riding. It offers several tabletops and a challenging double. There is a large step up with several different lines that make it safe to pass a slower rider. This extreme sports motocross track is open to all riders no matter what ability level.

They also have a Supercross Track that has been redesigned to meet supercross standards. It is also full lighted and has an irrigation system that will meet the professional level of riding this course is designed for. This track is open seven days a week, but is reserved only for professional riders. The track needs advance notice if you are coming so they have plenty of time to wet down the track. If you are a novice or a beginning rider there are to peewee tracks that you can practice on. After you are done you can come back to the supercross track and watch the professionals for some tips. You may even get to see your favorite motocross professional and get an autograph.

Tree Palm Extreme Sports also offers extreme wakeboarding. Though there are many lakes on the property, one is reserved for nothing but wakeboarding. Only one boat may be on the lake and that means that only wake you have to worry about is the wake behind your boat. No more cross wakes where you can mess up your riding when another boat passes. You can wakeboard as a novice or a professional. There is no lifeguard on duty so you are responsible for your own safety. If wakeboarding does not fit your liking, they do allow skiing and knee boarding also.

The rates for riders in both the motocross tracks and the lakes are sixteen dollars all day. If you just want to go to watch, it only costs a dollar. The staff at Three Palms Extreme Sports are friendly and ready to help you with whatever you need. If you are an extreme sports enthusiast, then this is the extreme sports park for you.

Source: https://positivearticles.com