Extreme Sports Australian Style

The Australians are going crazy over extreme sports. They love watching them and the love participating in them. If you are going to Australia there is a new tourist craze involving extreme sports. For a modest fee you can participate in some of the hottest, extreme sports that they have the offer. You can kite surf, ride in a jet boat, or fly in an Australian fighter high above the rainforest. The extreme sports are fun and exciting and the professionals that guide you during the adventure will keep you safe while you participating.

One of the extreme sports that you can try is kite surfing. Not only do you get to enjoy the water but you will get a little experience flying also. Kite surfing uses a modified surf board pulled behind a powerful boat. Like in parasailing, you are harnessed to a kite that will lift you up when you pick up enough speed. You get the best of both worlds as you glide across the water and fly through the air. You can get a kite surfing lesson for $99.00 and for a few dollars more, you will get to be pulled by a jet boat as you head for the sky. You can participate in this extreme sport in Victoria or Queensland beaches.

Another type of extreme sports is white water rafting. Even if you have white water rafted in the United State, there is nothing as thrilling as going to the Baryon River just outside of Chokeberry in Victoria. Experienced guides will take you down the river where you will be challenged by class three rapids. Each eight person raft is made of durable rubber and will safely take you river between monstrous boulders and steep cliffs. All for $80.00 a person this trip will be the highlight of your Australian vacation. Make sure you bring an extra set of clothes because everyone aboard will end up wet.

The best of the extreme sports are in Sydney and Melbourne. Each of these cities host jet boats in which you can ride on. Six hundred horse power engines roar as you sit comfortably in a individual bucket seat and are spun in 360s and powerful water slides. The boat sits twelve and you are the captain as you tell the driver which maneuvers to try. For $36.00 a person you will jet across the bay of each of these great cities at break neck speeds. The thrill is only part of the journey as you cruise by some of the greatest urban beaches in the world.

Australia, once know for its outback and the shrimp on the barbie, is now know for its extreme sports. Paul Hogan seems tame after you tried a few of these adventures. Most of the major cities have at least one of the extreme sports for you to try and you can even get an extreme sports package where you can see the entire country and do one extreme sports a day.

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