Extreme Snowboarding Adds Excitement for the Extreme Sports Enthusiast

What makes extreme snowboarding extreme? It is not the ski slope variety snowboarding that makes this sport dangerous, but the terrain in which the snowboarding is done. Extreme sports enthusiasts have coined this style of snowboarding as one of the most dangerous. The snowboarder has to deal with rocks, cliffs, deep snow, and trees. The rider does not get to pick from a blue or black diamond slope. They are usually dropped on top of a mountain and they have to get down not only safely but they are judged on the way down according to style and tricks.

This sport is highly dangerous and should not be attempted by the novice. Only professional snowboarders who have had a lot of experience should try extreme snow boarding. The chance for avalanche or collision with an obstacle is more likely if you do not have experience. If you get out of control for any reason, severe injury or death can occur. Sometimes very good snowboarders have mastered the same old slopes and they want to try something more challenging. As one of the world’s most dangerous extreme sports, extreme snowboarding should be attempted in small chunks. To go from slopes to a major mountain course would be fool hearty.

Extreme snow boarding is performed on almost near vertical slopes that can be straight down. After hiking or being dropped off on top of a mountain with a helicopter, the snowboarder will have to transverse themselves down the mountain by finding chutes between rocks and trees and trying to stay away from deep snow which could avalanche. The high altitude offers challenges in weather in the form of sudden snow storms and strong winds. Most extreme snowboarders will take along a global positioning system or a avalanche beacon if they become hurt or stranded. There is no ski patrol on this kind of mountain and the boarder will probably have to be rescued by helicopter or a professional rescue team.

This level of danger may be an adrenaline rush for most extreme sports enthusiasts, but jut because you have a lack of fear it is not a reason to jump right into it. The boarder has to be in near perfect physical shape and their mental alertness must be sharp. The terrain should be studied so that unforeseen obstacles can be looked out for. Sometimes extreme snowboarders will hike up the mountain in the summer to look for possible avenues down the incline. Once the terrain is mapped out the snowboarder needs to find out the possible avalanche areas and be prepared to chart out a course that avoids them.

The most extreme slopes in the world can be found in the Rockies of the United States, the Olympia Mountains in Washington State, Alaska, the Alps in France and Switzerland, and in the Andes in Peru. There are many competitions that are held annually for extreme snowboarding and the criterion to compete is quite stringent. The boarders are judged on tricks, speed, agility, and the most important point, to not fall down. Falling down means you are out of control and that is where the danger starts. If you are an extreme sports fan, this may be the perfect sport for you. Make sure you know what you are doing, your life depends on it.

Source: https://positivearticles.com