Extreme Fighting is Extreme Sports Most Savage Competition

Extreme fighting or mixed martial arts is the answer to the extreme sports of boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and down and out street fighting. Fought in a regular ring or in a hurricane fence cage, extreme fighting has become one of the most watched spectator sports on television. The combat sport uses a wide variety fighting forms and disciple where each individual fighter has their own unique style according body size and preference. Made popular by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, mixed martial arts tournaments are becoming the rage in the United States and abroad.

The fighting is savage with very little in the way of rule. Based on the idea that fights would be better if different fighting style were used and a no holds barred mentality ran the games. There are rules that help guard with the safety of the fighters, but compared to conventional wrestling and boxing it is truly one of the true extreme sports. Extreme fighting has become so popular that it has broken many pay per view event records. The fights are action packed with charismatic fighters that do not give the viewers hype like professional wrestlers or the old roller derbies. It is a real time blood and guts fight where the victor is the last one standing or the opponent has given up.

The extreme fighter will use many techniques including hitting with their fists, knees, feet, elbows, and head butting. The traditional wrestling holds are used such as submission holds, sweeps, takedowns, and judo type throws. The only holds that are not allowed is the gouging of the eye, fish hooking, small joint manipulation, and biting. Otherwise all else goes to make this an extreme sports spectacular. The action is so fast and violent; sometimes the matches are over in less than a minute.

The winner of the even is usually chosen by judges when they judge that the fighter cannot continue do to injuries or other serious side affects. The fight doctor or referee will decide who wins if they see a fighter that is all used up and serious injury may result if the fight is not stopped. The fight can be ended if the fighters coach throws in the towel to get the fight stopped. The coach knows the fighter better than the referee and can see if the fighter is indeed injured or suffering. The ultimate choice for a winner is from a knockout. When the winning fighter knocks out the other, he is declared a winner. This practice still follows the same rules as boxing with the standard ten counts.

The extreme sports mania that is sweeping the nation can find its black sheep right here. Children have been imitating extreme fighting and the number of children severely injured has risen. Movies such as ‘Fight Club’ have heightened the awareness of this extreme sport and activist groups are trying to rally support to ban them. There has been several deaths attributed to extreme fighting and should be left to the professionals.

Source: https://positivearticles.com