Exquisite Logo Rugs – 5 Unique Marketing Applications

There are times when you need a little extra punch. Brand identity is integral to any marketing strategy. A classy looking rug with your logo is another opportunity to create a valuable first impression of your brand name. Here are the top 5 applications.

If you want to make a special statement, then an average logo mat won’t do. This is where the specialty of Custom Rug Fabrication enters the picture. It’s really not too complicated. Typically the rugs are made from a high quality commercial grade carpet. The logo is then transferred onto a template. This template is then used to create the logo in carpet. The logo colors are carefully selected and then inlaid into the field carpet. If necessary, colors can be matched through the Pantone color matching system.

This custom fabrication of logo rugs has only recently become affordable to the larger audience of consumers thanks mainly to advances in technology. There is still a fair amount of handcrafting involved and this is the real reason why these rugs are so attractive. Another benefit is the broad range of sizes available. Literally any size and shape can be accommodated.

Here are the top 5 tested applications that we have seen bring in the best results:

1) Corporate Lobby – This is the perfect opportunity to express the corporate logo with pride. Choosing quality over cheapness is the recommendation for this important space. This is where that valuable first impression rule applies…

2) Tradeshows – Logos can be large or small, depending on your booth size. Tradeshows are where all the action is, that’s why so many companies choose to impress with their booth design. The logo can either be inset directly into the field carpet, or it can be featured as a separate area rug – this rug can even be re-used at the company HQ.

3) Special Events – A whole host of special events feature this approach in branding. Often the logo rug will be at the entrance of an Award Ceremony like the Oscars, or a Grand Opening for a retail outlet. These are unique opportunities to reflect the corporate identity with a certain elegance and style.

4) Common areas – within the business headquarters like hallways, elevators, entrances and exits are all potential areas that are decorated frequently with logo rugs. Other venues like sporting stadiums, churches, military bases and retail environments benefit from these unique rug applications

5) Wall Hangings – The ultimate banner can be displayed on any wall for eye-level visual impact. The unique tapestry logo rug attracts visitors with its soft plush quality and always stays clean!

A note on rug maintenance: just as any carpet needs to be maintained, these rugs require frequent vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning.

If you’re looking for that higher quality factor then it’s certainly worth a closer look. The applications are numerous as we have observed here, ranging from lobbies, tradeshows, special events, most indoor common areas, as well as the ultimate banner tapestry.