Explosion Proof Lights: The Wise Choice for Your Industrial Location

If you’re concerned about which light fixtures you should install in a setting that could be, or is, hazardous, there is one factor you should keep in mind. For a manufacturer to advertise their products as “explosion proof” the unit must retain structural integrity if there is an explosion in the immediate environment. The fixture must also contain an incident and prevent that event from spreading to the area around the explosion proof lights.

This may seem to be a relatively easy standard to meet. But, if you think back to the very simple design of classic incandescent lights and fluorescent fixtures, a catastrophe could occur when those units were installed in an industrial environment. Fortunately, new light-emitting diode (LED) technology and careful design by the leading providers of explosion proof lights have changed the standards. It’s now possible for company owners and employees to have peace of mind in those settings, even when the atmosphere might contain flammable vapors, or fibers and dust that could cause serious problems.

Rugged Design

Visit the website maintained by industry-leading designers/manufacturers to see the variety of fixtures, one of which will be perfect for your workplace. Consider the purchase of explosion proof lights a necessary investment for your commercial or industrial operation. You not only get outstanding illumination quality – important for productivity and safety – but your return on investment is remarkable. New LED fixtures deliver up to 100,000 hours of stress-free performance, saving you a lot on maintenance and replacement costs.

Select the specific design you need for tunnel lights, for down lighting, for spot lights, or any other workplace location. You won’t have to worry about efficiency, with outstanding optics to deliver sufficient light to any area. When you get the basic information you need, you’re urged to call and talk to a member of the team about the five-year standard warranty, with option for 10 years. With these explosion proof lights, you get the right combination of durability, efficiency, and ROI, whether you use them in a mining location, gasoline loading dock, pumping stations, or any other commercial/industrial location.

Specific Settings

Company owners, managers, and building designers have found explosion proof lights using LED technology the best choice for confined spaces, or where flammable gases may be present. If you need to provide great illumination in tank cars, sewer situations, or in a textile factory, for example, your choice is clear. Traditional lighting could be the source of serious danger if they failed and ignited dust, gasses, or vapors. This makes this lighting technology especially important for textile companies, and those working in oil, gas, or petrochemical industries.

A spark that could trigger problems are contained in aluminum, a safe fixture housing for your explosion proof lights. In addition to this high level of safety, this technology saves on energy use thanks to their outstanding efficiency. You’ll find these fixtures use 80% to 90% of the energy to produce illumination, unlike older lighting that loses so much of the energy to heat. When you combine these benefits with the durability of the unit, you’ll see why you should install these lights in settings where they may be bumped during normal operation, or in settings where the atmosphere could be hazardous.