Exploring Visionary Leadership – Nu Leadership Series

“ National leaders who find themselves wilting under the withering criticisms by members of the media, would do well not to take such criticism personally but to regard the media as their allies in keeping the government clean and honest, its services.”
Corazon Aquino

Many leaders do not have the faith to look beyond the present; therefore, duality becomes impossible because of their personal constraints. Vision is the ability to look beyond physical constraints of the natural world. Wacker, Taylor, and Means, leadership gurus, argue that we live in an Age of Possibility, where individuals are able to claim their own futures. They explain, “Fail to build your own future, and someone is going to build one for you, whether you want it or not.”

Have you ever known a manager who worried constantly about today’s crisis? Have you seen leaders get overwhelmed with day-to-day issues? Are they able to focus on their competitors or their future outlooks?

Let’s explore this matter circumspectly. Many people spend time on trivial matters and never focus on the important things in life. Visionary leaders are more concerned with future opportunities than today’s limitations. As I was reading Our Daily Bread this morning, I saw this fact clearly. One story highlighted the fact that it is not easy to focus on being instead of doing.

We are going to have problems in this life. Leaders cannot avoid them. However, the Bible provides some coping skills. Jesus encourages his followers in Matthew 6:25 to look beyond their limitations, “So I tell you, don’t worry about everyday life- where you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn’t life consist of more than food and clothing?” Therefore, effective leaders look beyond today’s crisis by faithfully aiming toward the future.

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