Explaining Euthanasia to a Child

How to explain euthanasia to your child.

Did you just squeeze your face in disgust considering the term – euthanasia?

Many people do because they find the very act very cruel, to say the least.

In case you don’t know exactly what it is, euthanasia refers to the painless and silent killing of a terminally ill pet or one suffering from an incurable condition. This euthanasia, also known as -mercy killing- can be done by lethal injection or any such painless strategy.

Euthanasia is done for pets to prevent prolonged and painful death of the pet.

I understand perfectly well how difficult it can be to explain euthanasia to your child, but there are many ways of doing this.

First, convince your child that euthanasia is legally done for dogs and other pets that have any of the following conditions:

– Is terminally ill and there are all indications that it will not recover from the illness.

– Has an age related health illness that can’t be treated or made well from.

– Has a serious incurable problem behaviorally- this means the dog or pet is incurably aggressive to people, causing extreme physical injury and harm to them.

– Is born with some form of life threatening defects that can’t be corrected, treated or cured.

– Has an incurable illness that can’t be treated or cured.

Explain to your child that with any of these conditions, it is better to euthanize the pet as a way of helping it ‘sleep peacefully’ instead of suffering so much.

Let your child know why it is preferable to help your dog to die peacefully and silently instead of it to continue to suffer and still die at the end of the day.

Many pets go through long weeks and months of suffering. Convince your child of the necessity of ending such suffering for the pet.

Ask your child know he or she feels when in great pain. Ask him or her if it is better for him or her to remain in pain or to find a way to solve the pain.

Let her know that euthanasia is necessary because the dog can’t survive the illness and would only continue to suffer if euthanasia isn’t done on it.

Let her see the pet linger around the house uncomfortably- looking a shadow of its former self. This should convince your child of the necessity of doing euthanasia on the pet.

Also, convince her that the pet will be going straight to heaven when it finally ‘goes to sleep’. Don’t make it seem like it is going to die, but it is going to sleep in heaven. Many children have used this conviction as a very effective way of dealing with the loss of their pets. Use it and it can work for you too.

Also convince your child that you will get another pet for her that will look just like the previous one. This is a good way of helping her deal with the eventual loss of her pet from euthanasia.

Do all the above and they will help to convince your child about euthanasia.

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