Expert Hypnosis by Phone FAQ

How can hypnosis be done by phone? Easily. Hypnosis is induced and sustained by the voice. Ask anyone who ever did it and they will tell you their eyes were closed the whole time they were in trance. This means that phone sessions are easy to do, since looking at a hypnotist is never necessary. Listening is.

What is hypnosis? It is a natural state you experience routinely. You may know it by other names such as daydreaming, highway hypnosis, guided imagery, being preoccupied, visualization, guided meditation, focused concentration, yoga savassanah, or being in love.

What can I work on? Weight loss, better golf and other sports, stress reduction, quitting smoking, discomfort while flying, text anxiety, plus past lives and other spiritual hypnosis, to mention a few.

What if I have never been hypnotized before? Of course you have been hypnotized before, just not professionally. When you watch tv or a movie and become totally engrossed, you are in a light trance state. When you sit down at your computer to surf the web and time flies by, you are in a trance state; time distortion is a primary indicator of trance. When you daydream on the freeway and miss your exit, you are in highway hypnosis. The only difference between these states and a professional session is that with a pro, you are completely absorbed by the task you have set for yourself to improve your life.

What will I need? One or two hours of uninterrupted time, a recliner or comfy chair with arms, a telephone, and access to a qualified hypnotist who does phone sessions.

What does it cost? Hypnotists rarely charge by the hour, most charge by the session. The range is $90 to $200 a session, and beware of anyone whose fee is greater.

How do I pay? By credit or debit card, though some will allow you to mail a check.

Should I buy a package of sessions? Never. Since there is no way to know in advance exactly how many sessions you will need, it is best to pay for each separately.

What kind of phone set up should I use? A landline will give you a much better connection than a cellphone, as you know. Ask the hypnotist to use a landline. On your end, you can use speakerphone, a bluetooth, or a headset, or hold the phone in your hand the old fashioned way.

Who pays for the long distance call? You do, which is why most clients use cell phones with unlimited long distance. Skype is an option, if you both have it.

How do I find a hypnotist who does phone sessions? Go to Google and enter “hypnosis phone session available” or “hypnosis by phone.” Then click on the website links and check out credentials, office address, published works, professional affiliations, etc. All these add to reputability.

What should I ask when first talking to a hypnotist? Ask how many years they have been a full time professional. Ask at which school they earned their certification. And understand that only the states of Indiana and New York require hypnotists to get a state license. This means you have a quick surefire way to tell if a hypnotist is ethical. First, find out if they are located in Indiana or New York. If they are not, then ask if they are a state licensed hypnotist. If they answer yes, run. Ethical hypnotists in every other one of the 48 states will tell you the truth, that they are not state licensed, as no such licensure exists.

How long does a session take? Between one and two hours.

How many sessions do I need? The only honest answer that is no one knows for sure because every client is different. A 20 year old person looking to lose 15 pounds needs fewer than a 50 year old looking to lose 100. An amatuer golfer typically needs one, while pros use us ongoingly. Past lives and other types of spiritual exploration can go on indefinitely. Smokers who truly want to quit can do that in one session; smokers who really do not want to quit, and who are trying at the insistance of someone else, will need more.

Is there a downside to phone sessions compared to face to face? Yes. Many hypnotists only do sessions in person, which limits your selection. And some people simply prefer meeting us face to face.

What advantages are there to doing hypnosis by phone? First, you are comfortably in your own home, which increases your concentration level and depth of trance. This often makes your sessions more effective than being in the office of a someone you just met. Second, given the price of gasoline, the savings of doing sessions by phone can be tremendous. Third, if you have unlimited long distance, the savings are even greater. And last, with phone sessions, you have access to some of the best hypnotists in the world, by virtue of not be limited by how far you are able to drive to some office that may be hours away.

Can you give me some tips? Sure. Interview the hypnotist before committing to sessions. Clearly tell the hypnotist your issues, age, and whether you are under the care of a doctor. Tell the hypnotist the truth. Empty your bladder before making the session call. Wear comfortable clothes. Leave your arms or legs uncrossed while entering trance to reach the right depth more quickly. Make it your intention to follow instructions. Understand that you may need several sessions for lasting results.