Expert Cloud Financing Via Technology Leasing – Canadian IT Computing Fresh Perspectives

Wow. Cloud financing and IT Computing. Seems a little bit difficult to understand sometimes, right? However, the more we thought about it the more it made sense; and we think we actually were talking about these stuff years before others. That’s because one of the best analogies we’ve used for over 15 years perhaps revolves around the light bulb.

Let’s explain. When you’re looking to purchase electricity is your main concern owning the light bulb? We don’t think so, and talk about a depreciating asset!

So that’s cloud computing in a layman’s nutshell, the ability to access it computing resources as a service.

And it always comes back to time and money right? Canadian business owners and financial mangers get the fact that saving thousands of dollars via technology leasing makes sense – and don’t forget about your ability to divert time and resources into that one miscellaneous issue, running your business!

So that’s cloud financing… using the power of the internet to use software and hardware… that you need… when you need it.

Technology leasing has always made sense, because computing assets are costly, and, oh yes, they seem to change once a week or so!

So let’s examine some of those significant aspects to cloud financing via tech lease strategies.

More often than not its always about the money, and the fact that you can leverage a large amount of hardware and software resources on a much more modest investment than outright purchase is a great reason to take advantage of ‘ the cloud’

Financial benefits of a tech finance solution to the cloud are pretty fundamental, less power and space requirements and the fact that your IT budgets won’t be continually faced with hardware and software upgrade cost requirements.

Canadian business owners, financial manager and IT mangers would prefer to pay for what they use, and not what they are told they might need. So lower monthly payments via a tech finance lease make total sense.

It’s of course not always possible to determine what those future tech finance requirements might be, so Thats where scalability comes in, your ability to add computing power, additional software licenses for your users, etc.

We don’t even want to think of the time, planning, and budget approvals involved in a lot of aspects of IT computing and technology leasing strategies. Safe to say that the deployment of these decisions happens much faster in a cloud environment. And staff can of course access these offerings anywhere because… well, it’s the internet!

The bottom line is that cloud financing has great attractiveness to Canadian firms. Less up front investment, the ability to expense the transaction in the manner of an operating lease expense and the classic upgrade abilities of technology leasing make cloud financing a ‘ must check into ‘ for almost all Canadian firms we think.

Speak to an experienced, trusted, and credible technology financing Canadian business financing advisor who can structure a tech lease offering that makes sense for your firm.