Expeditions in Faith – The Journey of Giving Birth

Consciously or unconsciously, right now, you are creating something and shortly will be giving birth to it! The more consciousness and awareness that you bring to that experience, I believe, the less you will struggle.

When you are carrying a child, you are definitely aware that you are going to give birth, but what about a creative project or transformation?

Those births can sneak up on you, and if you are like me, action oriented, you are off and running again without a pause or a breath. So let’s bring some consciousness to this experience…

Ask your Soul the following questions (if you know your Soul Languages, create a conscious connection with your Soul Team):

What am I getting ready to give birth to in my life?

What guidance and support can my Soul relay to me?

What do I get to hand over to the Divine fully and completely that will support this process?

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