Expeditions in Faith – Being Conscious That Life Is Sweet

Who do you believe?
Who will you listen to?
Who will it be?
It’s high time that you decide
In your own mind

Life is Sweet, Natalie Merchant

I don’t know about you, but when I am experiencing a painful situation, some of the things that go through my head (not my Soul or mind) are:

  • this is never going to get easier
  • what did I do wrong
  • where the heck is God in this
  • how could I have chosen this
  • I’m going to feel like this forever

For me, I have to make a conscious effort to feel, understand and know that there is sweetness to that moment, that there is sweetness in life, that it will get brighter, and that the Divine does love me and wants me to be happy.  So how can you “make up your mind” to follow your heart and Soul that know the truth that there is sweetness in every experience? Below are some starter questions for you and your Soul.

Create a conscious connection between you and your Soul (via your Soul Languages) and ask the following starter questions for a shift.

“What painful experiences am I re-living in this situation?”

“Why am I afraid to know, see and feel in the sweetness or the Divine in this situation?”

“What do I get to let go of in order for my world to be less about good and bad, right and wrong, and black and white?”

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