Expeditions in Faith – Being Conscious in Resistance

There is a river
In this heart of hearts
With a knowingness
Of my highest good
I am willing
I will do my part
Where the river
Will never run dry
Hallelujah – MaMuse

How often we forget about our goodness and abundance inside. How often we resistance the Divine within us and look outside for the answer that “we are enough.” I don’t know about you, but always trying to prove my worth outside myself is exhausting and I’m just done with it (or I like to believe I am. HeHe)!

So how can you let go of the resistance to this river inside of you? Well, let’s have a conversation with your Soul to determine that answer.

Create a conscious connection with your Soul via your Soul Language team and ask the following questions.

“What do I get to activate (something that is already inside of you that you just get to “turn on”) that will allow me to feel the goodness within my Soul?”

“Where have I been looking for the goodness within me in my outer world that is no longer serving me?”

“What qualities of goodness do I get to embrace, that will help me to experience my own Divinity more?”

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