Expeditions in Faith: Being Conscious in Being Human

Singing with love and the will to trust
Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust
One Voice – Wailin’ Jennys

In this spiritual journey and in my desire to be closer to the Divine, I can forget, and judge that I’m human. This denial of a part of my existence creates a separation between me and the Divine. And what happens when we feel separate from the Divine? We move into the unconscious use of our Languages and we create pain and struggle. Sound familiar to anyone?

So now that we have this awareness, what practice can we start to move into a different, more sustainable consciousness? After the awareness comes conversation and connection. Below are some conversation starters for you and your Soul.

Create a conscious connection between you and your Soul Language Team (if you don’t know your Languages yet, set the intention that you are speaking to your Soul) and ask the following questions.

“What do you feel is limited about being human?”

“How can you embrace this limitation so it becomes a strength?”

“What do you feel is powerful and amazing about being a human?”

“What partnership do you wish to create between you and your human nature?”

Now, my suggestion is that you sit down and draft an agreement of collaboration between your spirit and your human side.

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