Expeditions in Faith – Being Comfortable with Sitting in Limbo

Sitting here in limbo
I still got a little time to search my Soul
Meanwhile they’re putting up resistance
But I know my faith will lead me on
Sitting Here in Limbo, The Neville Brothers

It’s all about outsmarting the fear. Not judging it, not beating it and not ignoring it. The simple fact is fear and love are a choice. The complexities come in making your choice.

The idea here is to determine where you are, ask conscious-raising questions and decide to turn to the truth.

Create a conscious connection with your Soul via your Soul Language team.

What are you afraid in being in the unknown?

What is a characteristic of faith that I can activate inside of me to help me feel safe in the unknown?

Now, ask Divine Intelligence to activate (and fill in the bank)…

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